Former Amgen SVP Brings Industry Savvy to Personalized Health

Willard H. Dere, M.D., brings 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry to his role as executive director of the Program in Personalized Health at the University of Utah, which began Nov. 1. He is leading a team of researchers in transforming genetic discoveries into customized diagnostics, therapeutics, and tools for screening and prevention.

Dere comes to the University from Amgen, the world’s largest independent biotechnology firm, where he most recently served as senior vice president. His responsibilities included overseeing the company’s pipeline for drug development and marketing therapies. Previously he held led clinical development of therapeutics at Eli Lilly. Dere received his internal medicine training at the University of Utah and later returned as medical school faculty for four years.

“Recent advances in genomics have made it an exiting time for personalized health,” said Dere. “There are immense opportunities with ongoing and planned initiatives here to use this knowledge in a wise manner to individualize health care interventions and bring value to health care delivery.”

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Integrating Genomics With Individualized Health Care