Why Hasn't DNA Sequencing Become a Routine Part of Health Care?

It has become faster and cheaper than ever to sequence the human genome. So, why doesn't everyone know their genetic code and what it might tell them about their health?

"In the research domain we can interpret a sequence and interpret the human genome, but to turn these into diagnostic knowledge and therapeutic decisions requires a whole infrastructure that's simply not there yet," explained Gabor Marth, D.Sc., co-director of the USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery and Utah Genome Project investigator.

In an interview with The Scope Radio, Marth talks about the stumbling blocks that have so far prevented a seamless integration of genomic information into health care, and the USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery's plans for overcoming them.

Listen to the interview.

Bottlenecks Are Slowing Integration of Genomics With Health Care