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Recent Relevant Publications and Work

Journal Articles

Canary, H. E., Wellman, N., & Martinez, L. S. (2022). COVID-19, Genetics, and Risk: Content Analysis of Facebook Posts Early in the Coronavirus Pandemic. Health Communication (online ahead of print), 1-12. PMID: 35067113. (PMCID In progress)

Crawford, A., Hopkin, A., Rindler, M., Johnson, E., Clark, L., & Rothwell, E. (2021). Women's Experiences with Palliative Care during Pregnancy. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing, 50(4), 402-411. PMID: 33775641 PMCID: PMC8286290 (available on 2022-07-01)

Eaton, J., Cheek O'Donnell, S., Johnson, E., & Clark, L. (2022). Using ethnodrama to support parents in sense making after prenatal or neonatal diagnosis of a child's disabling condition. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 35(1), 261-270. PMID: 34708492 PMCID: PMC8688233 (available on 2023-01-01)

Francis, L. P. (2021). Employees with Intellectual Disabilities During the Covid-19 Pandemic: New Directions for Disability Anti-Discrimination Law?. Okla. L. Rev., 74, 1. (PMCID In progress)

Mooney R, Espinel W, Elrick A, Kehoe K, Kohlmann W, Kaphingst KA. Uptake of genetic counseling and multi-gene panel testing among women in the Intermountain West with previous negative BRCA1 and BRCA2 results contacted for updated testing. J Genet Couns. 2021 Sep 27. doi: 10.1002/jgc4.1513. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34570943.

Ratcliff, C. L., Wong, B., Jensen, J. D., & Kaphingst, K. A. (2021). The impact of communicating uncertainty on public responses to precision medicine research. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. doi:10.1093/abm/kaab050 PMID: 34297059 PMCID: PMC8557361 (available on 2022-07-23)

Rothwell, E., Cheek-O’Donnell, S., Johnson, E., Wilson, A., Anderson, R. A., & Botkin, J. (2021). Exploring the use of a comic for education about expanded carrier screening among a diverse group of mothers. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 14(3), 252-258. PMID: 34721662 PMCID: PMC8553176 (available on 2022-05-06)

Under Review:

Brown, T. & Rose, R., (Manuscript Submitted) The Fourth Amendment will not protect us from mass genetic surveillance.

Brown, T. (Under Revision, will be resubmitted) What the Criminal Law Could Learn from Clinical Genetics.

Brown, T. (Under Development) Evolving relationships and evolving duties: Research and lab liability for the return of genetic testing results.

Chavez-Yenter D, Holton A, Vega AS, Zamora G, Kaphingst K. (Under Review) “La Piedra Rosetta” - A Content Analysis of Health-specific stories of Genetic Testing from U.S. National Spanish-language News Outlets. Under review at Journal of Health Communication.

Cheek-O’Donnell, S., Case, G., Wong, B., (In Progress) Does a theatre-based intervention improve non-verbal and paraverbal communication skills among medical students in a simulated difficult communication scenario? Target Publication: Academic Medicine

Cheek-O’Donnell, S., Case, G., Wong, B., (In Progress) What nonverbal and paraverbal communication behaviors do medical experts value when breaking difficult news to patients and families? Results of a Modified Delphi Study. Target Publication: Journal of Communication in Healthcare

Martinez, Lourdes S., Katya, Azzam, Han, Grace, Santiago, Vanessa, Ahn, Steffi, Osuna, Jasmine (In preparation) Genetics and COVID-19: Who is Driving the Conversation on Facebook? Target Publication: PLOS & Health Communication

Ratcliff, C. L., Bailey, R., DeFriez, J., Wong, B., & Kaphingst, K. A. (In Progress) Prospective participants’ intentions to engage in the All of Us Research Program: A mixed-methods investigation. In preparation for conference and journal submission. Targeted Conference: Society for Risk Analysis, Target Publication: Social Science & Medicine

Wellman, M.L., Holton, A.E., & Kaphingst, K.A. (Under review). Previvorship posting: Why breast cancer previvors share their stories on social media. Health Communication

Ziegler E., Baty B., Mladucky J., Anderson, R., Botkin, J., (Under Review) Knowledge and Attitudes About Privacy and Secondary Data Use Among African-Americans Using Direct-to- Consumer Genetic Testing:  Public Health Genomics

Books and Book Chapters

Theatre (2021). Series: Arts for Health, edited by Paul Crawford. Emerald Publishing.

G. Case and S. Cheek-O’Donnell, “Using Theatre to Improve Patient Hand-offs,” Companion to the Health Humanities, eds. P. Crawford, B. Brown & A. Charise, (London: Routledge).

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