Academics & Research


Funded Grant Projects

NIH R01 HD082148-01A1 (Rothwell & Botkin, MPI) 9/2015 - 5/2019

The Effect of Electronic Informed Consent Information (EICI) on Residual Newborn Specimen Research

NIH R21 HD083832-01 (Rothwell, PI) 4/2015 - 3/2017

Improved Prenatal Genetic Screening Decision Making through Interactive Technology, Rothwell PI.  

Francis: National Science Foundation, Law & Social Sciences Program

Postdoctoral fellowship to study legal issues facing adults with autism ($200,000; 2013–2015)

NIH R01 HG006266-01 (Botkin, PI) 7/2011–6/2016 R01

Parental Education and Choice about Newborn Screening and Bloodspot Retention Description: This project will design and evaluate new educational tools for parents regarding newborn screening

NIH R01 HD069045-01 (Swoboda, PI) 4/2011–4/2016

Pilot newborn screening project for identification and prospective follow-up of infants with spinal muscular atrophy Description: The project will design and implement a pilot study of SMA newborn screening, including an assessment of ethical, regulatory, and psychosocial issues