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The University of Utah Center for Excellence in ELSI Research (UCEER) will provide financial support for travel for the presentation of UCEER work at the professional meetings for collaborators and students, as funding permits.


The UCEER will provide funds for travel to present UCEER related work.  It is expected that travelers will apply for departments, schools, conferences, graduate school funds or use development funds to provide matching funds where possible. Availability of matching funds must be submitted with the travel support request.

Apply for travel funds through the following REDCap form:

 What we need as part of the REDCap application:

  • Conference Name, dates, location
  • Abstract title (attach abstract to travel request)
  • Acceptance letter
  • Poster, podium/paper or panel presentation.
  • Documentation of other matching funds committed or applied for
    • Students must specifically indicate what their school and program offers students for travel and what they have supported

REDCap Travel Support applications need to be submitted by the last day of the month.  Reviews will be completed and applicants notified of the funding decision  by the 21st of the month.  Application are reviewed by the UCEER Leadership Team. Requestor may contact UCEER Director  prior to applying to inquire about potential availability of travel funds.

UCEER can provide up to $1,200 for students and $2,000 for faculty in travel support per trip, depending on available funds. Priority will be given to applicant that have not received travel support in the past year.  Travel will need to be coordinated through the UCEER Program Coordinator ( The coordinator will work directly with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for booking approved travel.

All travel must comply with University policies for travel with grant funding.


In order to support a greater number of students, UCEER has an expectation that students will apply for matching funds. Students are advised to apply for departmental funds and the Graduate Student Travel Assistance (if applicable) in addition to the funding available through UCEER. Application demonstrating a collaboration with other entities, departments, University or professional organizations by committing funding for the travel will be given preference for funding.   

Graduate Student Travel assistance from the University is applicable for currently enrolled University of Utah graduate students whose research project has been accepted for presentation at a professional meeting. Assistance from UCEER can be listed as the required match.

Student travel funding from UCEER can reimburse:

  • airfare/car mileage
  • ground transportation fares
  • lodging
  • abstract fees
  • conference registration fees
  • per diem per University Travel guidelines
  • other funds requested in the application that are specifically approved by the UCEER

Applications to UCEER and to the Graduate Student Travel fund should be submitted as soon as the abstract has been accepted.