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Call For UCEER Mentored GRA Proposals

The Utah Center for Excellence in ELSI Research (UCEER) provides financial, mentorship, and logistical support for students and faculty interested in investigating the ethical, legal, and social issues raised by genomic research and genomic medicine. We have supported students and faculty from the Colleges of Humanities, Law, Nursing, Fine Arts, Health, Education, Engineering, and Medicine, but we are always looking to expand this disciplinary representation.

We want your GRA to be a member of our research team. We welcome scholars from all disciplines. 

There are currently two positions budgeted per Academic year for Graduate Students Researchers and two positions for Law Fellows. 

The purpose of the Mentored GRA Program is to provide research guidance and mentorship to University of Utah students who are engaged in research with a faculty mentor at 25% to 50% FTE. Faculty mentors are expected to submit research strategies for funding a particular project that would benefit from the addition of a Mentored GRA. Proposed research must address ethical, legal, or social issues related to a broad range of issues in genomics.

UCEER Mentored GRA will receive the following support:

  • Stipend benefits for one academic year can be requested at a time. All funding will be capped at the same level; rates for FY23 are $21,000 for 100% tuition benefit (50% FTE), $10,500 for 50% tuition benefit (25% FTE).  The Tuition Benefit Package is the responsibility of the College in which the grant is housed, the College of Humanities. For additional information, see here.
  • Mentored GRA students are invited to apply for travel funding in order to present the UCEER-funded project under guidance from their mentors. Specifically, students may be interested in presenting at the annual NHGRI Training meeting.

Application Process

  • Research Strategy submissions may include requested funds for the completion of the project in addition to the Mentored GRA position.
  • Only Faculty may submit applications for this mechanism. We highly recommend that the faculty already have an identified student who is interested in being a part of the UCEER Mentored RA program. Please read the UCEER Mentored GRA Funding Policy.
  • All Mentored GRA project proposals will be submitted to the UCEER via a REDCap Survey for review by the UCEER Leadership Team.

Apply Here

Deadline for application: February 28, 2022

Application includes: NIH biosketch for PI, research proposal, budget, timelines and name and UnID of student (if known).

Questions? Contact Dr. Rebecca Anderson at


UCEER Flyer For Mentored GRA Position