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Why Strategy Refresh?

Michael L. Good

As I write this note, our health system, state, nation and world confront what may be the most challenging time of our generation.

The world is fighting a pandemic the likes we have not seen in a century. Our nation is facing accountability with regard to unresolved racial inequities that have plagued our nation since its founding. And we are confronting an unknown economic impact that may challenge the ways we achieve our core missions in the coming years.

So, as our days are consumed by managing whatever crisis the next hour brings, it seems like a far-off fantasy to be thinking about a “strategic vision for the future.” With all we have to manage today what’s the point in lifting our heads long enough to see to the horizon?

Two words: Resilience and perseverance.

In these uncertain times I am reminded that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. After being a part of the team here at U of U Health for the past two years, I know that we can rely on a few other certainties that are unique to our faculty, students, staff and community: U of U Health has a legacy of innovation that has benefitted patients not just here in Utah but around the world. A distinguishing feature on the national stage is our unmatched culture of collaboration—people working together to advance health and pioneering discoveries in science and medicine, all while training the next generation of health care professionals.

Additionally, we were ready to face the challenges of these times. Our strategy refresh work completed concurrently by the University of Utah and University of Utah Health has fostered greater alignment of our shared direction. Progress and success in one strategy directly reinforce and strengthens the other. The same impact is true as you take up this strategy, amplify it, align to it and enhance our organization at every level.

Our strategic vision for the future is that:

Together as One U, we serve communities and the region, lead education and discovery, and innovate care accountable for outcomes. We believe that communities, partners, and people make us who we are, and we are fully invested in their health, wellness and success.

At U of U Health, we have a unique opportunity to extend this leadership into all areas of health, in turn helping both our population and those beyond our borders.

We invite you all to join us on this journey.

Michael L. Good signature

Michael Good
Senior Vice President, Health Sciences
University of Utah