U oF U Health Strategy Refresh 2019

What Is Strategy?

Strategy is a plan of action to accomplish an objective. The best strategies leverage existing strengths and distinguishing features to their advantage. Using that formula, we harness the collective power of our clinical care, research, and education missions to improve health for individuals and communities in Utah and beyond.

Why a Strategy Refresh?

In the last six years, U of U Health has grown more than 50 percent. Our success in advancing health is due largely to strategic imperatives of delivering high-value care and establishing life-long relationships with patients. As our communities grow, age, and expand geographically, we have a responsibility to serve them with even greater impact.

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How We Will Get There

Over the next six months, in conjunction with a university-wide effort, Dr. Good is convening a U of U Health Strategy Refresh Initiative to craft a path forward for the coming five years.

We value the innovation and expertise of all of you—our faculty, students, staff, alumni and community supporters—and ask you to join us in creating the U of U Health’s new 2020-25 strategic vision. We invite you to engage in a conversation about how the U can successfully achieve these primary goals, elevating our health system and university as models for the nation.

U of U Health Process Tree

How You Can Participate

Who Do You Want U of U Health to Become?

You can submit ideas using this survey, follow our progress via the links, and join us at a future campus-wide town hall this summer where we will share more information and foster a discussion about this exciting effort to shape our future together. 

Strategy Roadblocks

This third Waggl poll seeks your help to identify efforts and activities that might be barriers to future success.

Strategy Building Blocks

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