Past Events


SACNAS Being Black in Academia Series - Krystle Osby

(Sep 15, 2020) - Thank you to graduate student Krystle Osby for delivering her powerful insights into her journey through academia and industry! Krystle presenting many thought-provoking experiences. Watch Krystle's talk here!



SACNAS Welcome Back Virtual Picnic

(Aug 27, 2020) - Thank you to all who participated in our welcome back virtual picnic and for your flexibility as we adapted to the current social situations. The picnic was a success and it was great to see everyone again! We're looking forward to a great year filled with a wonderful speaker series and other career development activities!



SACNAS Being Black in Academia Series - Dr. Keke Fairfax

(Jul 07, 2020) - Thank you to Dr. Keke Fairfax for delivering her powerful insights into her journey through academia!



SACNAS Summer Workshop Series - Drs. Gary Schoenwolf and Julie Kiefer

(Jun - Jul, 2020) - Thank you to Dr. Gary Schoenwolf, Dr. Julie Kiefer, and all those who participated in our Summer Writing Workshop seminars and activities! You can access Dr. Schoenwolf's recorded seminar here!



SACNAS Talk - Dr. Candace Chow

(Jun 10, 2020) - Thank you to Dr. Candace Chow and the eye-opening presentation about bias and oppression and how we can create a more equitable and inclusive environment. You can access Dr. Chow's recorded seminar here!



Our Statement Regarding the Murder of George Floyd and Support for the Black Lives Matter movement

(Jun 2, 2020)



SACNAS Yoga with Emily Innis

(Apr 28, 2020) - Thank you to SACNAS member Emily Innis for hosting a Stay at Home Yoga session to help us stay active and healthy during the quarantine.



Recursion CV Workshop

(Mar 10, 2020) - Thank you to Aaron Paugh from Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a local biotech company, for hosting our CV workshop and helping us craft strong CVs.



Career Exploration Panel

(Feb 11, 2020) - Thank you to Drs. Ellen Wilson, Florian Maderspacher, and Erin Young for their valuable perspectives into a variety of non-academic career options. They shared many useful insights into what career directions are available with a STEM degree.



SACNAS Paint Night

(Feb 6, 2020) - Thanks to all who joined us for our de-stress Paint Night!



Leonardo Lab

(Jan 25, 2020) - Utah SACNAS, along with University of Utah 's Center for Chemical Innovation provided hands-on experiments and science demos at the Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City!



SACNAS Talk - Dr. Janet Iwasa

(Jan 14, 2020)A special thanks to Dr. Janet Iwasa , head of the Animation Lab here at the University of Utah , and her amazing talk on her career path in science animation! In case you missed it, check out the Animation lab website to see some of their incredible work!




Annual SACNAS Holiday Party

(Dec 14, 2019) - Thanks to all that made it to our annual SACNAS holiday party, and especially thank you to Jeanette and Paul for hosting us! 



SACNAS Student Talk: Zachary Cruz

(Dec 3, 2019) - We had the pleasure of hearing our former SACNAS president, Zach Cruz, discuss his research and journey through science. Zach is a 5th year Ph.D candidate in the Kay lab and has been instrumental in helping the SACNAS community at the University of Utah grow. Zach uses peptide design and phage display techniques to develop novel therapeutics, and a paper he worked on was recently published. Zach also took some time to discuss his journey from baseball to science.


SACNAS Dia de los Muertos Ofrenda

(Oct 2019) - The University of Utah SACNAS built an ofrenda to honor those past on and celebrate life. Our ofrenda was on display in the University of Utah Health Science Library for the duration of the week. Thanks to all that helped make our ofrenda a success!

SACNAS Talk - Dr. Karen Kwan

(Oct 8, 2019) - Thank you to Dr. Karen Kwan for her valuable perspective into a non-academic career path.



 SACNAS Path to Grad School Workshop

(Sep 27, 2019) - Students from the Main Campus came with their CVs and their Abstracts and interacted with the members of the Main Campus SACNAS Chapter in order to receive personalized inputs and ideas on how to build their profile while applying to grad school.