Collaboration is in our DNA

Researchers who make Utah home know that working together will create a sum far grander than its parts. Added to that, we’re the perfect size: big enough to have the resources to ask the important questions, small enough to have to rely on each other to answer them. Our campus co-locates researchers from all disciplines next to our clinical facilities, opening up extraordinary opportunities for bringing discoveries—from basic science through population-based—to improve health.

Four Interdisciplinary Initiatives

We are giving special focus to five interdisciplinary research areas that are poised to make big impacts. By bringing together bright minds from disparate disciplines we are advancing discovery science and addressing some of the toughest problems in health and disease.

Genomic Medicine

Diabetes & Metabolism


Immunology, Inflammation, & Infectious Disease

Additional Areas of Research

At University of Utah Health, great science is all around us—from genomics to global health, pharmacotherapy to physical therapy, nursing to neuroscience. Search our Departments and Divisions and Centers, Institutes, and Programs to learn more.


Department School or College Keyword(s)
Communication Sciences & Disorders College of Health Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Hearing
Health, Kinesiology, & Recreation College of Health Exercise Science, Sport Science, Tourism, Health Promotion
Nutrition & Integrative Physiology College of Health Metabolism, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes
Physical Therapy & Athletic Training College of Health Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation Science
Occupational & Recreational Therapies College of Health Therapeutic Recreation, Recreational Therapy
Medicinal Chemistry College of Pharmacy Natural Products, Antivirals, Synthetic Biology, Therapeutic Biomaterials
Pharmacology & Toxicology College of Pharmacy Drug Metabolism, Pharmacogenics, Forensic Toxicology
Pharmacotherapy College of Pharmacy Poison Control, Outcomes Research, Radiopharmacy
Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry College of Pharmacy Drug Targeting, Immunotherapeutics, Biomaterials
Anesthesiology School of Medicine
Biochemistry School of Medicine RNA biology, Metabolism, Viral biology, Cell biology
Biomedical Informatics School of Medicine Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science
Dermatology School of Medicine Allergy, Melanoma, Psoriasis, Blistering
Family & Preventive Medicine School of Medicine Reproductive Heath, Public Health, Occupational Heatlh
Human Genetics School of Medicine Evolution, Development, Data Science, Genomics, Precision Medicine
Internal Medicine School of Medicine Cardiovascular, Geriatrics, Oncology, Infectious Diseasse
Neurobiology & Anatomy School of Medicine Behavior, Development, Circuits, Epigenetics
Neurology School of Medicine Alzheimer's, Headache, Neuropathy, Parkinson's
Neurosurgery School of Medicine Brain Tumors
Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine Pregnancy, Placenta, Prenatal
Oncological Sciences School of Medicine Cancer, Transcrption, Cell Signaling, Stem Cells
Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences School of Medicine Visual Science, Macular Degeneration, Retinopathy, Connectomics
Orthopedics School of Medicine Joint, Musculoskeletal, Movement
Pathology School of Medicine Infectious Disease, Histocmpatibility, Microbiome
Pediatrics School of Medicine Genetics, Infectious Disease Diagnostics, Development, Cancer
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation School of Medicine Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Sports Medicine, Wellness
Population Health Sciences School of Medicine Biostatistics, Cancer, Health Systems
Psychiatry School of Medicine Epidemilogy, Depression, Drug Dependence, Suicide
Radiation Oncology School of Medicine Radosurgery, Radiotherapy, Cancer
Radiology & Imaging Sciences School of Medicine Ultrasound, Biophysics, MRI, PET, CT
Surgery School of Medicine Transplant, Cardiac, Health Systems


Division Department Name School or College Keyword(s)
Family Medicine Family and Preventive Medicine School of Medicine
Rocky Mountain for Occupational and Environmental Health Family and Preventive Medicine School of Medicine Ergonomics, Safety, Industrial Hygeine
Physician Assistant Studies Family and Preventive Medicine School of Medicine
Public Health Family and Preventive Medicine School of Medicine Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Reproductive Health
Cardiovascular Medicine Internal Medicine School of Medicine Arrhythmia, Afib, Regenerative Medicine
Epidemiology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Biostatistics, Informatics, Health Services Research
Gastroenterology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Cancer, Chemoprevention, Diagnostics
General Medicine Internal Medicine School of Medicine
Geriatrics Internal Medicine School of Medicine Hypertension, Vascular Physiology, Heart Failure
Hematology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Stem Cells, Homeostasis, Erythropoiesis
Infectious Diseases Internal Medicine School of Medicine Virology, Tropical Medicine, Immunology
Nephrology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Transplantation
Oncology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Melanoma, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer
Pulmonary Internal Medicine School of Medicine Air Quality, Cystic Fibrosis, Tuberculosis
Rheumatology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Arthritis
Endocrinology Internal Medicine School of Medicine Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolism, PCOS
Obstetrics & Gynecology Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine Pregnancy, Placenta, Preeclampsia, Preterm Birth
Gynecologic Oncology Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine Male Infertility, Menopause, In Vitro Fertilization
Urogynecology Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine
Adolescent Medicine Pediatrics School of Medicine
Rheumatology Pediatrics School of Medicine Autoimmunity, Arthritis, Lupus, Informatics
Cardiology Pediatrics School of Medicine
Clinical Pharmacology Pediatrics School of Medicine Biostatistics, Simulation
Critical Care Pediatrics School of Medicine Trauma, Ijury, EMS
Endocrinology Pediatrics School of Medicine Growth Hormone, Diabetes
Emergency Medicine Pediatrics School of Medicine
Gastroenterology Pediatrics School of Medicine Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chron's Disease, Cholitis
General Pediatrics Pediatrics School of Medicine Comparative Effectiveness, Community Engaged Research, Medically Complex
Genetics Pediatrics School of Medicine Precision Medicine, Rare Diseases, Undiagnosed Diseases, Metabolic Diseases
Hematology Oncology Pediatrics School of Medicine
Infctious Disease Pediatrics School of Medicine Antibiotic Stewardship, Clinical Pharmacology, Molecular Diagnostics
Inpatient Medicine Pediatrics School of Medicine
Medical Ethics Pediatrics School of Medicine
Neonatology Pediatrics School of Medicine
Nephrology Pediatrics School of Medicine
Neurology Pediatrics School of Medicine Multiple Sclerosis, Headache, Development
Behavioral Health Pediatrics School of Medicine
Pulmonary Pediatrics School of Medicine Cystic Fibrosis
Safe & Health Families Pediatrics School of Medicine Mental Health, Child Abuse, Trauma
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Pediatrics School of Medicine
Adult Psychiatry School of Medicine
Child Psychiatry School of Medicine
Cardiothoracic Surgery School of Medicine Heart Disease, Ventricular Failure, Arrhythmia, Afib
Emergency Medicine Surgery School of Medicine Wilderness Medicine, Pain Managemnt, Injury
General Surgery Surgery School of Medicine
Otolaryngology Surgery School of Medicine Sensorimotor, Inner Ear, Olfaction
Pediatric Surgery Surgery School of Medicine
Plastic Surgery Surgery School of Medicine
Transplant Surgery School of Medicine
Urology Surgery School of Medicine
Vascular Surgery Surgery School of Medicine

Centers, Institutes, & Programs

Name (Keyword first) Type Keyword(s)
Addiction Center, Utah Center Addiction, Substance abuse, Opioids
Advanced Imaging Research, Utah Center for Center Imaging, MRI, Technology
Aging, Center on Center Aging, Geriatrics, Memory
Aids Education & Training Center Center AIDS, HIV
Alzheimer's Care, Imaging, and Research, Center for Center Alzheimers, Cognitive disorders, Dementia
Anticonvulsant Drug Development Program Program Anticonvulsant drug, Siezure, Epilepsy
Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute, Nora Eccles Harrison Institute Cardiovascular, Heart failure, Cardiac arrest
Clinical and Translational Science, Center for Center Clinical, Translational, Pecision medicine
Clinical Neurosciences Center Center Neurosciences, Neurological disorder, Neurosurgery
Clinical Research Compliance and Education Center Clinical research, Oversight, Management
Comprehensive Arrhythmia Research & Management Center (CARMA) Center Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation, Catheter Ablation, Afib
ELSI Research, Utah Center for Excellence in (UCEER) Center ELSI, Ethics, Law
Games and Apps (Gapp) Lab Program Games, Apps, Electronic engineering
Genetic Discovery, USTAR Center for Center Technology, Artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics, Genomics
Genetic Science Learning Center Center Genetics, Education
Geriatric Nursing Excellence, Hartford Center of Center Aging, Older adults, Nursing
Global Health Program Training programs, Education
Global Health Education Program Global health, Mentorship
Global Public Health Program Global health, Emerging disease, Infectious disease
Global Surgery, Center for Center Global health, Surgery, Medical technology
Health System Innovation Research Program Patient-centered outcomes, Health care
Human Toxicology, Center for Center Bioanalytical sciences, Forensic, Pharmacology
Informatics, Decision Enhancement and Surveillance (IDEAS) Center Center Informatics
Inherited Neuromuscular Disorders, Utah Program for (UPIN) Program Muscular dystrophy, Neuropathies, Myopathies
Intermountain Cystic Fibrosis Center Center Respiratory therapy
Medical Innovation, Center for Center Technology, Commercialization, Invention
Molecular Medicine Program Program Clinical research, Translational science, Training program
Moran Eye Center Center Eye, Visual Impairment, Blinding condition
Neuropsychiatric Institute, Utah Institute Mental health, Behavioral disorder, Psychiatric treatment
Nursing Research Center Center Nursing education, Nursing research
Nursing Simulation Learning Center Center Nursing education, Nursing practice
Occupational and Environmental Health, Rocky Mountain Center for Center Industrial hygeine, Ergonomics, Injury prevention
Pain Research Center Center Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia
Patient Simulation, Center for Center Simulation, Medical education, Teaching
Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center Center Outcomes research, Comparitive effectiveness research
Rehabilitation Center Center Therapy, Neuropsychology
Reproductive Medicine, Utah Center for Center Fertility, In vitro fertilization, Surrogacy
Resiliency Center Center Wellness, Mindfulness, Burnout
Study Design and Biostatistics Center Center Statistical analysis
Trial Innovation Center, Utah Program Clinical trials, Translational research Clinical research
Value & Epidemiology Research Using Causal Inference and Data Science (VERITAS) Program Epidemiology, Biostatistics
Voice and Speech, National Center for Center Occupational voice, Vocology
Women's Health, Center for Excellence in Center Sex and gender, Wellness

Main Campus

Name (Keyword first) Type Keyword(s)
Biomedical Computing, Center for Integrative Center Computing, Imaging, Modeling
Cancer Institute, Huntsman Institute Cancer, Oncology, Precision Medicine, Immunotherapy
Cell and Genome Sciences, Center for Center Cell Science, Genome Science
Computing, Center for High Performance Center Computing, Big data, Data management
Data Management, Analysis and Visualization, Center for Extreme Center Data management, GIS, modeling
Entrepreneurship Institute, Lassonde Institute Business, Innovation
Law and Biomedical Sciences, Center for Center Gene patenting, Precision medicine
Neural Interfaces, Center for Center Engineering, Prosthetics
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute Institute Imaging, Visualization, Modeling