Institutional Training Grants

The University of Utah hosts 20 active NIH sponsored institutional training grants that receive support from 10 different NIH institutes and centers. Collectively these training grants support 136 trainees, including graduate students, postdoctoral and short-term trainees. Our training grants support research training and professional development across multiple disciplines with each grant supporting a specific cohort of trainees on campus.

T32 & TL1 Institutional Training Grants

Training Grant Title Predoc Slots Postdoc Slots Principal Investigator Coordinator Sponsor/Institute
Vision Research Training Grant 2 1 Wolfgang Baehr Julee LaMothe, Linda Jensen NIH-NEI
Training Program in Genomic Medicine 0 4 Lynn Jorde Samantha Weeks NIH-NHGRI
Training Program in Genetics 9 0 Gillian Stanfield, David Grunwald June Blackburn NIH-NIMGS 
Cardiovasomobility Research Training Program  2 3 Russell Richardson, Mark Supiano Heather Parkin NIH-NHLBI
Cardiovascular Research 0 8 Stavros Drakos, Robin Shaw Jess Kieper NIH-NHLBI
Multidisciplinary Pulmonary and Critical Care Research Training Program 0 4 Robert Paine Jessica Johnson NIH-NHLBI
Training Program in Microbial Pathogenesis 3 3 Matthew Mulvey, Vicente Planelles Bradley Stowell NIH-NIAID
Cross-disciplinary Training in Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Disease 4 0 Brian Evavold, Matthew Williams Bradley Stowell NIH-NIAID
Interdisciplinary Training Program in Metabolism 3 2 Simon Fisher Jess Kieper NIH-NIDDK
Interdisciplinary Training Program in Computational Approaches to Diabetes and Metabolism Research 3 2 Karen Eilbeck, Simon Fisher Barb Saffel, Jake Pickett NIH-NIDDK
Research Training in Hematology 4 3 Elizabeth Liebold Heather Parkin NIH-NIDDK
Program for Interdisciplinary Training in Chemical Biology 4 0 Michael Kay Sarah Alexander NIH-NIGMS
Developmental Biology Training Grant 7 2 H. Joseph Yost Teresa Upton NIH-NICHD
Interdisciplinary Training in Cancer, Aging & End-of-Life Care 4 4 Lee Ellington, Kathleen Mooney Christine Baczek NIH-NINR
Training in Development of Interventions for the Treatement of Neurological & Neurobehavioral Disorders 2 2 Kristen Keefe Emily Zhao NIH-NINDS
The Neuroimmunology Training Program 4 0 Ryan O'Connell, Karen Wilcox Bradley Stowell NIH-NINDS
NRSA Training Core 3 3 Angela Fagerlin, Nicola Camp NIH-NCATS

 T15 Biomedical Informatics Training Grant

Training Grant Title Predoc Slots  Postdoc Slots Principal Investigator Coordinator Sponsor/Institute
University of Utah Biomedical Informatics Training Grant 7 4 Karen Eilbeck Barb Saffel, Jake Pickett NIH-NLM

T35 Medical Student Training Grant 

Training Grant Title Short-term Slots Principal Investigator Coordinator Sponsor/Institute
Short-term Training: Students in Health Professional Schools 15 Andy Weyrich Janet Bassett NIH-NHLBI
Medical Student Research Program (MSRP) in Metabolism, Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases 12 Simon Fisher, June Round Janet Bassett NIH-NIDDK
Medical Student Research Program (MSRP) in Eye Health and Disease 4 ME Hartnett Janet Bassett NIH-NEI

Area Specific Training Grants

Training Grant Title Training Slots Principal Investigator Coordinator Sponsor/Institute
Utah Stimulating Access to Research in Residency Transition Scholar (StARR) 3 Kola Okuyemi, Molly Conroy Madeline Romney NIH-NHLBI
Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health 40 Kurt Hegmann Toni Chambers NIOSH