Issue 24 - October 2021

Three professors from the College of Nursing (CON) were inducted as American Academy of Nursing (AAN) Fellows on October 9th. Michelle Litchman, PhD, Linda Edelman, PhD, and Lauri Linder, PhD, were selected for the prestigious honor based on their research, scholarship and leadership. And more...  

 360-september-2021.jpgIssue 23 - September 2021

Research funding at University of Utah Health has grown continuously for nine years running, reaching $428 million in FY21. 1,740 awards are funding 2,054 proposals and 67% of the U’s total research funding comes from U of U Health. And more...  

Issue 22 - August 2021

The University of Utah announces a new institute on campus: the Utah Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), formerly known as Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS). CTSI's expansive infrastructure is available to every college on campus to translate discoveries in order to improve human health. And more...  

Issue 21 - July 2021

Advancing Research Together: to broaden our impact and extend our reach, U of U Health has developed a five-year research strategy. You can review the main objectives in the four-part blog below or read about the strategy in more detail on our website. And more... 

Issue 20 - June 2021

The pandemic charged in on a cloud of confusion that gave way to ingenuity, promising to forever change how research at the University of Utah is done. The U's response is making a lasting impact on the virus and its numerous effects, and has poised scientists to quickly and comprehensively meet the demands of the future, whatever they may be. And more... 

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