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Support for Rising Stars Symposia

Rising Stars Symposia are in-person events that are designed to elevate the quality and diversity of candidates for faculty positions or postdoctoral positions.

These programs may be funded by School of Medicine F&A under the HSC Research Strategy.

The maximum amount of funding that could be available is half of the Department costs for the Symposium, with a cap on support of $10,000.

For enquiries and to request support under this program, please contact Chris Hill, School of Medicine Vice Dean Research at Requests should address each of the numbered points below.


Departments may be eligible for financial support toward these symposia under the following conditions:

(i) The event is in-person and includes at least 5 invited speakers who are not based at the U.

(ii) The event should be a departmental highlight, advertised widely across the HSC, with talks open to attendance by all members of our research community.

(iii) The invited speakers should be excellent candidates for recruiting to the U based on track record (publications) and recommendation from leading faculty in the field.

(iv) For Faculty Rising Stars: The symposium is coupled to an active search for at least one tenure-line faculty recruit who would devote at least 50% of time to research.

(v) For Postdoc Rising Stars: The symposium is coupled to an active search for multiple postdoctoral fellows in multiple labs.(vi) At least 50% of the speakers should be female.

(vii) At least 40% of the speakers should be from under-represented populations. This could be based on reasonable assumptions of available information, rather than asking potential speakers about their identity. An alternative approach to ensure the symposium is consistent with our values of diversity and inclusion could be to a diversity statement in the selection criteria.

(viii) Departments are encouraged to additionally secure external funding in support of the activity. Outline steps that have been taken to apply for funds, such as from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund or other sources.