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SOM Diverse Faculty Recruiting Initiative

This program is funded by School of Medicine F&A
Enquiries and applications should be sent to the Vice Dean Research, Chris Hill,




Serve the people of Utah by advancing Equity-Diversity-Inclusion in the UU SOM by identifying and recruiting outstanding faculty that will advance both research excellence and enhanced diversity and inclusion within the research community.

Application Requirements

Applications for support must address each of the following:

  • This faculty recruit will be a tenure-line appointment with at least 50% time devoted to research. They will be expected to lead a world-class research program supported by substantial external funding.
  • The faculty recruit will submit external grant proposals with a SOM Org-ID. This is because the program is funded by SOM F&A. Please ask if you are unsure about the implication of this expectation.
  • The amount of support requested. Up to 50% of startup costs and for up to 50% of three years of protected time salary + benefits may be provided, to a maximum of $400K per recruit.
  • The faculty recruit was identified as the top choice from an open search in which all applicants were required to submit a diversity/EDI statement. Summarize the search process and basis for the decision to recruit this applicant. Include the application package, at least including the CV and diversity statement.
  • Eligibility will be determined on the basis of the EDI/diversity statement submitted as part of the faculty application package. While personal experiences are important, the decision to support is not based on the individuals’ identity.

Other University-wide resources for support of faculty recruitment must be accessed first, and if awarded the amount will be reduced from the SOM support under this initiative. This is to ensure that units are fully incentivized to emphasize excellence in all faculty recruits. Summarize what other UofU diversity/EDI resources have been tapped for support of this recruit – including the VPR (