The Program in Personalized Health has established a graduate certificate in Personalized Health, a first of its kind.

The certificate harnesses many of the successful educational programs already established at the University of Utah to provide a foundational understanding of the many aspects of personalized health care (PHC).

Who Should Get a Certificate in Personalized Health? 

The certificate is intended for current graduate and medical students at the University of Utah looking to enhance their current training with personalized health care.

How Do I Apply?

Why Apply? 

  • Establish a foundation for future research an/or clinical practice in PHD
  • Broaden and deepen your understanding of PHC
  • Demonstrate that you have training in PHC
  • Set yourself apart in the job search
  • Be part of a first-of-its-kind certificate


The process for matriculation and requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Personalized Health includes:

  • A minimum of 15 credits must be completed from among approved courses.  
  • The student must take the ‘Foundations in PHC’ course.
  • The student completes the Certificate application process and is accepted into the Certificate program.
  • Student will choose between the Clinical Track, Research Track, Ethical Legal and Social issues (ELSI) Track, and Medical Student Track requirements depending his/her career ambitions.
  • Clinical, Research, and ELSI track students must take a required core course from three of four subject areas: Genetics, Informatics, Pharmacology, and Miscellaneous (depending on their Track). Medical Students must take 7 credits from the Recommended Elective list or the Other Possible Elective list.
  • Students without a background in genetics are strongly encouraged to take a course from the Genetics subject area.

For the remaining credits, students will choose electives based on the following requirements:

  • An elective from any category outside the student’s current field of study.
  • If a student already has obtained or is currently pursuing a graduate degree in a core subject area (i.e. Pharmacy), the student can replace required courses in that area with other elective courses to achieve the required 15 credits. This waiver must be approved by the Education Advisory Committee. 
  • The student must take the ‘PHC Capstone’ course, preferably after all core courses are completed.
  • Students must achieve a B- or better in all Certificate courses.

Courses completed at the University of Utah prior to being accepted into the Certificate program can be used with approval from the Education Advisory Committee at time of acceptance. 

You can recommend the Education Advisory Committee add an approved course. 

Application Process

How Do I Complete the Certificate?

To complete the Certificate Program, the student must prepare a 2-3 page summary of their Capstone project (MDCRC 6940).

The student must present the results of the Capstone project to the Program in Personalized Health Education Advisory Committee:

  • Presentation should be 45 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion.
  • Student must have approval from the Capstone project mentor prior to scheduling this final presentation.
  • Final presentation attendees include the Capstone project advisor and three members of the Personalized Health Education Advisory Committee.
  • Students must schedule this final presentation at least a month in advance and must distribute the 2-3 page Capstone project summary to the Personalized Health Education Advisory Committee prior to the presentation.


If you would like to learn more about the graduate certificate or have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Samantha Weeks
Academic Program Manager

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