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Most Recent News

Jan 27, 2021


Hormonal IUDs Are a Viable and Underutilized Method for Emer...

In a first-of-its-kind study, University of Utah Health scientists found that hormonal IUDs were comparable to copper IUDs for use as emergency contraceptives.

Jan 26, 2021


HMHI and University of Utah Address Rising Mental Health Con...

Today, the University of Utah and Huntsman Mental Health Institute launched the Mental Health First Responders program, a mental health crisis team dedicated to responding to mental health emergencies on campus.

Jan 26, 2021


U of U Health Announces Virtual Wellness Hub as Official Par...

University of Utah Health is proud to announce the fifth year of its partnership with Sundance Film Festival and the creation of a new wellness hub at the first virtual Festival in history.

Jan 25, 2021


Partners in Crime: Genetic Collaborator May Influence S...

In 2012, four-year-old Bertrand Might became the first-ever patient diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called N-glycanase (NGLY1) deficiency. Although his life was cut short, his legacy will benefit children around ...

Jan 25, 2021


State Extends Funding for University of Utah Contact Tracing...

The contact tracing training and deployment program at University of Utah was recently awarded a $3.1 million contract from the Utah Department of Health (UDOH). This funding will extend the program through 2021.

Jan 22, 2021


Most COVID-19 Maps Fail to Improve Public Understanding of P...

most COVID-19 maps do not improve public understanding of the potential risk of contracting the disease or promote compliance with health guidelines meant to slow its spread,

Jan 19, 2021

James Ashworth, MD Becomes Executive Vice Chair

Dr. James Ashworth has agreed to become the Executive Vice Chair of our combined UNI-Department entity.

Jan 14, 2021


A New Era in Mental Health Care: University of Utah Dedicate...

Today, University of Utah Health and the Huntsman Foundation celebrate the dedication of Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI), the next step in the evolution of University of Utah becoming a premier institution for me...

Jan 12, 2021


Systemic Racism is a Public Health Crisis

As members and leaders from Utah’s healthcare organizations, we believe systemic racism is a real threat to the health of our patients, our families, and our communities. Systemic racism includes a complex array of eco...

Jan 12, 2021


More Than Half of COVID-19 Healthcare Workers at Risk for Me...

A new study, led by University of Utah Health scientists, suggests more than half of doctors, nurses and emergency responders involved COVID-19 care could be at risk for one or more mental health problems

Jan 07, 2021


U of U Health Begins Administering Second Dose of COVID-19 V...

University of Utah Health began administering the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to frontline health care workers. Distribution of the second dose marks another milestone as U of U Health has vaccina...

Dec 31, 2020


Pioneering the Future: From Basic Discovery to Bedside

From Basic Discovery to Bedside tells the tale of a rare milestone being accomplished many times over within the past year. Three research labs at U of U Health have translated their basic science discoveries into therap...

Dec 30, 2020


Newborn Screening in Utah Identifies First Baby Born with GA...

In December 2020, Utah’s Newborn Screening Program identified the first patient with Guanidinoacetate methyltransferase (GAMT) deficiency solely through newborn screening. GAMT deficiency is an inherited condition that...

Dec 21, 2020


Mentoring is Key for Improving Equity in Research Grant Fund...

Working with a grant writing coach can help non-white and female researchers improve their chances of receiving funding, according to a new study led by University or Utah Health.

Dec 15, 2020


U of U Health Administers First COVID-19 Vaccine to Frontlin...

University of Utah Health vaccinated its first round of frontline health care staff after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine just hours earlier. A registered nurse in the medical intensive care unit (MICU) at...

Dec 15, 2020

Clinical, Education, Research

Moran Eye Center Selected for Research to Prevent Blindness ...

Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) has selected the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah to receive an unrestricted annual grant of $115,000 to support eye research over the next five years.

Dec 14, 2020


Vitae 2020: People and Stories that Drive Our Research

Highlighting investigators and their pioneering research programs, the Vitae program seeds new collaborations and development strategies by humanizing research through story.

Dec 14, 2020


Unexpected Discovery Leads to Better Understanding of Migrai...

Massive “plumes” of a key neurotransmitter surging in the brain could help explain the onset of migraine with aura—and potentially a broad swath of neurologic disease, including stroke and traumatic brain injury—...

Dec 10, 2020


Psychiatry Researchers Present Several Talks and Posters at ...

The Department of Psychiatry was well represented at the 59th Annual Meeting of the American College of Neuropharmacology (ACNP).

Dec 09, 2020


Targeting T Cell Protein Could Prevent Type 1 Diabetes, Stud...

Researchers at the University of Utah Health have identified a new therapeutic target to treat patients with type 1 diabetes.

Dec 04, 2020


U of U Health Prepared to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines

In anticipation of Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration, University of Utah Health is prepared to properly store and distribute COVID-19 vaccines. A vaccine is a first step toward ending the pa...

In-Depth Features

Keep Breathing

An early morning shift change in a COVID-19 unit at University Hospital captures the compassion and exhaustion of staff keeping patients alive during a global pandemic.

Finishing the Race

Two survivors, two wheels, and a determination to reclaim life illustrate this story of stroke rehabilitation—and the unique connection between provider and patient.

Changing the Pandemic

In December 2020, five University of Utah Health frontline health care workers received the first COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Utah—changing the course of the yearlong pandemic. 

From Amazon to Redwood

Anna Gallegos wanted to change the world. She found a way to do it by helping refugees start new lives and navigate the health care system here in Utah. 

Unit on the Brink

Unit on the Brink: Voices of the COVID Frontline is a multi-part Clinical podcast series that shares the raw stories of University Hospital workers as they hold the line against COVID-19. 

The Hospital of Their Dreams

At the heart of the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital lies a dedication to helping patients discover their resilience and regain their lives after traumatic spinal cord injuries.

An Uncertain Recovery

On March 13, 2020, Clement Chow found himself on the leading edge of a tidal wave as one of the first COVID-19 cases in Utah. "I will fight COVID-19 with information," he promised. 

State of Suffering

For every person in the US who dies of suicide, twice as many die in Utah. And suicide is the leading cause of death among Utah's teens. Can we curb this startling trend? Can we afford not to? 

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

In fewer than 25 years, opioid addiction has led to more than 450,000 overdose deaths. Each one is an individual tragedy—taken together, they represent a staggering social epidemic. 

Driving Out Diabetes

While we create better treatments and search for a cure for diabetes, affected communities deserve better resources to understand prediabetes and delay or prevent the full-blown disease. 

Expanding Rural Access

America’s traditional health system, which is centered in urban & suburban areas, isn't designed for the 20% of Americans residing in rural regions. Fixing that requires long-term work. 

They Emerge Transformed

Burn survivors and those who care for them at U of U Health Burn Center share a fundamental truth few others know. This immersive feature dives in to fire, faith, healing, and victory.  

Pioneering the Future Part #3

Researchers at University of Utah Health tackle population-sized problems—then follow through to ensure that their efforts add up to substantial impacts on public health.

Pioneering the Future Part #2

The scientific laboratory is the traditional birthplace of new ideas. But translating those discoveries to interventions that support human health requires extra effort. 

Pioneering the Future Part #1

High-impact discoveries are transforming how we think about the causes of diabetes and solutions to combat the disease. These advances could hardly come at a better time. 

Campus Transformation 2020

From humble origins in 1905 to new construction today, the evolution of U of U Health continues with fundamental research, innovative education, and cutting-edge patient care.