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Neurodegeneration Symposium - Fall 2020

Neurodegenerative processes are an extrodinarily widespread phenomenon found in a range of neurologic, psychiatric and neurobehavioral disorders. While the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration are considered multifactorial, characterization of neuronal loss at the cellular and circuit level have the potential to provide important insights into disease pathology and progression resulting in potential novel therapeutic approaches. Brain diseases with neurodegeneration have often identified atypical neuroinflammatory processes, impaired bioenergetics and abnormal protein aggregation as potential mechanisms. Using advanced PET and magnetic resonance imaging approaches and genetic methods the symposium speakers presented important new findings describing brain cell structures, neurochemistry and brain function.

The event was superbly summarized by Dr. Satoshi Minoshima, the Symposium Chair, who concluded  “The field of neurodegeneration has advanced greatly in the past 30 years. Presently multilevel approaches across genetics, physiology, biomarker imaging, and biochemistry are offering increased understanding of the effects of neurodegeneration not only on neurons but also associated components such as astrocytes, the blood brain barrier, and molecular stasis. Together these approaches are allowing for novel therapeutics in a burgeoning and interesting subdiscipline within neuroscience." 

Alexander Drzezga, M.D.
Professor and Chair in Nuclear Medicine
Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne
"Multimodal Molecular Imaging of Dementia"
Ryan Watts, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Denali Therapeutics
"Engineering Brain Delivery to Treat Neurodegeneration"
Paul S. Bernstein, M.D., Ph.D.
Val A. and Edith D. Green Presidential Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Moran Eye Center, University of Utah
"Macular Telangiectasia Type 2: Reuniting an Orphan Retinal Disease with its Genetic and Neurologic Heritage"

Donna J. Cross, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Neuroimaging and Biotechnology Lab
Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences, University of Utah
"Imaging for Research of Neurodegeneration and CNS Injury"
Satoshi Minoshima, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences
University of Utah
Closing Remarks

We're thankful to all who participated in the Neurodegeneration Symposium on September 23. If you missed the talks by Dr. Paul Bernstein and Dr. Donna J. Cross, you can watch them here.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Psychiatry & Mental Health Research

Christopher Gregg, Associate Professor in Neurobiology & Anatomy, gave the following seminar at the February 2020 Psychiatry Grand Rounds. This is a great example of how U of Utah Neuroscience researchers are thinking about addressing the major issues related to Mental Health.

Neurobiology of Suicide Symposium

In collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry the Neuroscience Initiative hosted the Neurobiology of Suicide Symposium in November 2019.  The symposium was attended by over 100 people from an array of backgrounds including healthcare workers, research scientists, school councilors, community outreach organizers, postdoctoral fellows, graduate & undergraduate students.  Presentations focused on the cellular, neural circuit, neurochemistry, and environmental factors that influence suicidal behavior & ideation.  The evening concluded with a thought provoking panel discussion that demonstrated the breadth and importance of the research area.  Video of the presentations is available below:

Neuroscience Initiative Seed Grant Symposium - Spring 2019

We are hosting the Annual Neuroscience Initiative Seed Grant Symposium on Tuesday May 07, 2019 in the Clinical Neuroscience Center Auditorium. This event includes 5 invited talks from 2018-2019 Neuroscience Initiative Seed Grant awardees and their research teams. The guest speakers will be sharing their exciting cutting edge research work and this event presents an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate!

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