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NSF Imaging Symposium at the U

The University of Utah is hosting an Imaging Symposium on Thursday, 17th May, 2018 at the SMBB auditorium. This event is supported by the NSF Brain Initiative funding and will include discussion topics ranging from new technology and hardware to identification of novel molecular probes for in vivo brain  imaging, and the impact of utilizing these cutting edge approaches to elucidate neural brain circuits underlying behavior. The event will also be attended by a number of national and international brain imaging experts. Come join us!

Event Details - NSF Imaging Symposium

Annual Neuroscience Initiative Seed Grant Symposium

We are hosting the Annual Neuroscience Initiative Seed Grant Symposium on Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018 at the SMBB auditorium. This event includes 6 invited talks from 2017 Neuroscience Initiative Seed Grant awardees and their research teams. The guest speakers will be sharing their exciting cutting edge research work and this event presents an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate!

Please invite your lab members, colleagues and collaborators to the event!



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