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Neuroscience Initiative Collaborative Pilot Seed Grants

We are delighted to announce the awardees of the 2018 Neuroscience Initiative Collaborative Pilot Seed Grant Program! The goal of this program is to catalyze collaboration across campus, stimulate innovation, and move us towards our vision of understading the nervous system and improving the care of patients with neurological disorders.

The five projects listed below were selected for up to $50,000 of funding each:

Project Title: Arc-capsids: new way of neuronal communcation during synaptic plasticity and learning. 

Project TitleDeep brain stimulation of the mesencephalic locomotor region to induce plasticity and recovery of locomotion after spinal cord injury in a translational porcine model

Project TitleParticipation of neuroinflammation in the pathological remodeling of traumatic nerve injury. 

Project TitleEffects of docosahexaenoic acid on oxidative stress and inflammation in piglets after experimental TBI: a preclinical study

Project Title: Pre-clinical investigation for using MRI-guided focused ultrasound for non-invasive brain therapies


Innovative Approaches to Neural Circuits Seed Grants

The Innovative Approaches to Neural Circuits program has a specific emphasis on the manipulation of cells, synapses and neural circuits through innovative neural engineering technologies, techniques (including neuromodulation), and computational approaches.

Previous Innovative Approaches to Neural Circuit Seed Grants Include:

Project Title: Towards the non-human primate connectome: computational approaches and software development

Project Title: Differentiating neural circuits modulated during therapeutic vs. ineffective deep brain stimulation


Past NSI Seed Collaborative Pilot Grant Awardees

View our current & past seed grant awardees - NSI Seed Collaborative Pilot Grant Awardees (PDF).

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