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Our collection of neuroscience models, posters, DVDs, and more is available to any educator or volunteer in the Salt Lake City metro area. Browse our collection below, and select the materials that will complement your lesson plan or program.

Library Material Pickup and Return Location
Biopolymers Research Building (BPRB) 390 F (http://map.utah.edu)
20 S. 2030 E.
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Sean Flynn, PhD
Associate Director, Neuroscience Initiative 
Phone: (801) 585-0343

The Lending Library is generously supported by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, the Henry W. and Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation, and the Castle Foundation.

Please scroll through the catalog below and select items you wish to borrow

Deluxe brain w/arteries model
Diseased brain in skull model
Brain with Arteries model
Media section of head model
2 Part regional brain model
Nervous system model

Lifting model
Thoracic vertebrae w/ spinal cord model
Flexible spinal column w/ color coded regions model

Skin model (2 available)
Nose & Sense of Smell model
Tongue 2.5 times life size 4 part model
Human ear model
Human eye in orbit model

Human reflex pathway model
Synapse model
Neuron model
Motor neuron model

Brain model: Lamprey Larvae (Lampetra fluviatilis)
Brain model: Dogfish (Scyliorhinus caniculus)
Brain model: Trout (Salmo trutta fario)
Brain model: Frog (Rana esculenta)
Brain model: Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)
Brain model: Dove (Columba livia domestica)
Brain model: Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Brain model: Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Anatomy of the Brain Laminated Poster
The Brain Laminated Poster
The Autonomic Nervous System Laminated Poster
Dangers of Alcohol Anatomical Poster
Dermatomes Laminated Poster
The Spinal Nerves Laminated Poster
Understanding Alzheimer's Disease Laminated Poster
Understanding Depression Laminated Poster
Understanding Epilepsy Laminated Poster
Understanding Pain Laminated Poster
Understanding Parkinson's Disease Laminated Poster
Understanding Sleep Disorders Laminated Poster
Understanding Stroke Laminated Poster
Human Body in Action: The Brain and the Nervous System DVD
Nervous System: Neurons, Networks, and the Human Brain DVD
Brain Facts
Your Brain on Food
Vertebral Column Poster
The Eye Poster
Understanding MS Poster
Wired to Win DVD
Basics of Anatomy DVD

Microscope (4 Available)
Colored threads slides (4)
Human female chromosome slide
Human male chromosome slide
Mammal neuron motor nerve cells slides (4)

Lab coats (SM-4; M-7; L-5)
Thinking Cap
Spiker Box classroom kit

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Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Director, Neuroscience Initiative

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