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Welcome to the Neuroscience Initiative Website. The University of Utah launched the Neuroscience Initiative in fall 2013 to take steps towards alleviating the devastating effects of brain disorders. The initiative was created with a goal of deepening our understanding of the brain in disease and health, and transforming this knowledge into innovative solutions for patient care. The objective of this research initiative aligns seamlessly with NIH BRAIN Initiative, which calls upon universities, government agencies, and private organizations across the nation to develop new tools to map the trillions of connections within the human brain.

This vision is currently being accomplished by linking clinicians, scientists, and the broader neuroscience community at the University and beyond. Our Neuroscience Initiative research community – ranging from neurologists to imaging specialists to molecular biologists spans across 7 colleges and schools, 15 centers and institutes, and more than 20 departments. Synergy between the Neuroscience Initiative and national efforts ensures that outcomes from the Neuroscience Initiative will benefit not only Utahns, but also patients worldwide.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you all!

Deborah Yurgelun Todd, PhD
Director—Neuroscience Initiative, University of Utah Health

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Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Director, Neuroscience Initiative

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Sean Flynn, PhD
Associate Director, Neuroscience Initiative