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School of Medicine Executive Committee

The School of Medicine Executive Committee (SOM EC) oversees all MBM efforts and is advisory to the Dean of the School of Medicine.

SOM EC's mandate is to:

  • Streamline financial decision making and broader input into decisions
  • Review and implement information system tools
  • Recommend binding financial policies for the management of the School of Medicine
  • Create peer-accountability mechanisms
  • Ensure timely, accurate information

SOM EC comprises 14 voting members; eight School of Medicine department chairs, which are either elected by School of Medicine department chairs or appointed by the Dean, two additional faculty members, three Vice Deans, and the College Council Chair. Individuals serve three-year terms.

SOM EC’s role is to:

  • Forum for discussion, input, and to build buy-in
  • Budget review
  • Monitor financials to recognize progress and prevent crises
  • Mission oversight
  • Oversee the Faculty Information System
  • Engender unity and collaboration