What if we could make online simulations accessible to all?

Michelle Lin, M.D., emergency medicine, UCSF, says innovation doesn't need to be perfect to be implemented.


We don't need to be perfect to innovate. What kills innovation so much is that people want to dot every "i," cross every "t" before they release a product. That's not the way to innovate.

What I'm recently working on is an online simulation as a means to teach the entire spectrum of learners actually -- medical students, residents, even practicing physicians -- about how do we practice medicine in a safe environment. And I think high fidelity simulation is there for that purpose. But is there a better and more cost-effective way of doing this?

So I'm trying to think of a low budget, kind of a disruptive technology out there that will accomplish a lot of the same things. My idea is to put it all online so that it's very automated. It's a very safe environment. You could take asynchronously. Whether you be here or in the middle of Alaska, all you need is Internet.

No longer are we working within the four walls of the classroom. No longer are we bound by hardbound covers of textbooks. We just need to think big, open it up, make it free and see what happens.