How do we support disadvantaged kids and help get them into medical school and succeed?

Erid Sid, University of Washington student, believes mentors are necessary to help diversify our medical schools.


I think in a lot of ways when we talk about diversity, a lot of its kind of bringing different groups together. I feel like for a lot of us that come from schools or opportunities or experiences where we may not be able to progress forward as often as other folks that maybe have the means, that it's an important thing to kind of keep in mind. For me, the only reason I was able to succeed and go through college and really do well and get into medical school was the fact that I had other people that had gone through similar experiences, that had the luck of finding somebody to really reach out to them and pull them up and make sure that this was something that was important for them so that they should continue going with that as well.

All of us are responsible for making sure, as a whole, we take care of each other, so that we don't have someone that should be at the table. How do we get them a seat there?