How do we use technology to personalize health care and address the physician shortage?

Aaron Byzak, M.B.A., University of California San Diego, weighs in on how to align care with technology and taking care of patients.


You have to figure out ways to make it to where you can actually take care of patients, because right now we don't have enough doctors to do it. But in the future, if we can align our care with technology and the needs of the patient, we're going to be able to actually take care of more people.

When you look at equipment, we end up in a situation where we're getting much more information at a cheaper cost and able to make decisions that will actually impact patient care. What this has the opportunity to do is to take us in a different direction, that is to say we have high-tech equipment, we have a better understanding of what an individual patient needs, and we'll be able to design treatment protocols based on that. It's radical thinking, but it's the way we need to go.