The Science of Risk

DEAN LI, M.D., PH.D. Cardiologist and Vice Dean for Research


Everyone is so focused on being the best at what they do. But you have to match that with the concept that really in this day and age you have to see association and links that other people don't see or even if they see they don't act on.

I need to understand the things that I don't understand, I need a different type of scientist. I need to understand how do I make something that has legs to stay. You bet on young people, you give them the resources you take the bet. Some of them are going to fail. We as an institution have to continue to be willing to take that risk because without taking that risk we will not change medicine. We won't change patient's lives. We will treat the patient the same way as we did ten years ago.

If I go the other route, which is, give it to the most established and only the established that was the old Asian system and the old German system. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say, we are kicking their butts. If I could help match make really smart people who have taken a chance to come together and build something that they can't even believe that they could build, you tell me who has a good job.

You have to interact, you have to collaborate. All we are trying to do is crystallize that innovation, that entrepreneurial spirit that is imbedded in the university system and that requires the same spirit but a different sort of emphasis institutionally. If there's a place that can do it, it's us.