Boost Research Funding and Build a Healthier, More Diverse Physician-Scientist Pipeline

The challenge: recruiting new physician scientists to your institution while keeping existing talent engaged and improving diversity. The solution: the Vice President’s Clinical and Translational Research Scholar Program. So far, the $1.2 million dollar program has generated an additional $23 million in research grants—nearly a 20:1 return on investment. Using what Dr. Carrie Byington calls a Matrix Mentoring Model, the program is welcoming to women and underrepresented minorities, who often feel excluded by conventional, one-on-one mentoring methods. In this interview, Dr. Byington shares how the program is structured and what benefits it has brought to the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Overcoming Biases Crucial to Solving Problems Facing the Physician Scientist

Inclusion: All Voices Need to Be Heard

By: Scot Singpiel

Scot Singpiel is a senior producer for University of Utah's Scope Radio