Gardner Prize

Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Prize for The Outstanding Woman Student in the Health Sciences


WiHMS facilitates the Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Prize for The Outstanding Woman Student in the Health Sciences each year. The Gardner Prize is awarded to two students, one from the School of Dentistry and another from the Health Sciences (College of Health, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Medicine).


Elizabeth (Libby) Fuhriman Gardner possessed a quiet inner strength and dignity, uncommon grace and graciousness, and an exceptional ability to deal with the demanding realities of life while retaining a firm sense of self and family.  Her family life was one of devotion to and partnership with her husband, David, and four daughters.  She brought a consistent commitment and a thoughtful, constructive influence to her public responsibilities.  As First Lady of the University of Utah from 1973 to 1983, she became a strong advocate for and an effective ambassador of the University throughout Utah, the nation and the world.  Expressing her belief and confidence in education, young people and, especially, women students, she contributed significantly to the advancement of the University and its mission.  Libby was a health sciences graduate in the field of dental hygiene, graduating from the University of California at San Francisco in 1958.  It is hoped that the Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Prize, an annual award established by her many friends and members of her family to honor Outstanding Women Students in the Health Sciences, shall perpetually pay respect to her, her love for this University and all the good she has done here.


Details about the Gardner Prize selection and awarding process will be available Fall 2019.


2019 Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Prize Winners


Simranvir Kaur
MD Candidate, Class of 2019
School of Medicine
Throughout her time at the University of Utah, Simran has emphasized her love of advocacy, women's health, global health and the integration of politics, public health and medicine. Simran's dedication is demonstrated through her work with Planned Parenthood, 4th Street Gynecology Clinic, Salt Lake County Women's Jail, the Rape Recovery Center, Medical Students for Choice and the Family Planning Institute.  Simran is also committed to advocacy and has taken it to the State Capitol where she was instrumental in successfully lobbying for the passing of the Family Planning Services Amendment in addition to educating legislators about the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act. 



Anjanette W. Walsh
DDS Candidate, Class of 2019
School of Dentistry
Prior to her time at the University of Utah School of Dentistry, Anje Walsh had a career as a dental hygienist in Alaska, serving vulnerable and underserved patients. She realized that she could have a greater impact if she were a dentist, and at the age of 44, she left her home and family to make her dream become a reality. As a dental student she accepted every opportunity to participate in community outreach, including an internship in Barrow, Alaska. Following graduation, Anje will be a staff dentist for the Arctic Slope Native Corporation and flying to remote areas to meet the oral health needs of the different native communities.



Past Gardner Prize Recipients

2019 Simranvir Kaur (Medicine)
Anjanette W. Walsh (Dentistry)
2018 Dallas Shi (Medicine)
2017 Corinna M. Trujillo (Nursing)
2016 Alexis Pearl Lee (Health)
2015 Allyson Armstrong (Health)
2014 Maureen Henry (Nursing)
Meghan Cirulis (Medicine)
2013 Erin Johnson Cole (Nursing)
2012 Elise M. Mecham (Medicine)
2011 Melissa Brewster (Pharmacy)
2010 Shadi Ghaibi Clark (Pharmacy)
2009 Barbara Roper (Pharmacy)
Julie Valentine (Nursing)
2008 Anisa Ramaileh (Pharmacy)
Nicole Wilde (Medicine)
2007 Tamara Pascoe (Medicine)
2006 Abril Atherton (Pharmacy)
2005 Alison Nicole Shiffern (Medicine)
2004 Cathyyen Dang (Pharmacy)
2003 Eugena Lie Paolin Baca (Nursing)
2002 Kristen Smith (Pharmacy)
2001 Kristine M. Tanner (Health)
2000 Roxanne Van Beekum (Pharmacy)
Ivonne Zurita (Nursing)
1999 Rene C. Hunter (Medicine)
1998 Julie Kenney (Pharmacy)
1997 Jennifer White Boyden (Medicine)
Karen Gunning (Pharmacy)
1996 Jodi Brookins-Fisher (Health)
Kimberly Ann Townsend (Nursing)
1995 Celia Blackburn (Medicine)
1994 Laura Davenport (Medicine)
Lindy Sue Gomez (Nursing)
1993 Michelle Moulton (Health)
1992 Sandra W. Bagley (Nursing)

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