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Health Equity & Inclusion Hiring Toolkit

Post Assessment

Assessing Your Recruiting Efforts

After the recruiting period ends, you should evaluate whether your recruiting supported a diverse applicant pool. If diverse candidates did not apply, you should ask why.

If the applicant pool wasn’t as large, qualified, or diverse as you anticipated, consider:

  • Could the job description have been constructed in a way that would have attracted a broader pool of candidates?
  • Could the department have recruited more actively?
  • Were there criteria for this position that were consistently not met by women or candidates of color? Where they relevant to the job description?

If you did not interview diverse candidates, why?

If your department hires a strong woman and/or minority candidate, consider the factors that may have enabled your department to do so and keep a record of good practices and successful searches for future reference.

Communication to Candidates

Did the search committee promptly and courteously communicate the outcome of the search with both successful and unsuccessful candidates? Communication can leave a lasting positive impression.

When Diverse Candidates Do Not Accept Positions

If women and/or minority candidates were offered positions but didn't accept them, what reasons did they offer?

  • Consider as many factors as you can identify.
  • Are there things that the department could do to make itself more attractive to such candidates in the future?
  • Be sure that any analysis and insight is shared with departmental decision-makers and is part of the process of initiating future searches.

If your university has a council on equal opportunity and diversity (or a similar committee), or if it has a women's faculty committee, representative members from these committees should be given the opportunity to meet with final candidates.

They should also be given the opportunity to provide feedback to the committee for searches for chairs of departments and senior level administrative positions with institutional impact.