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The University of Utah Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Disease (3i) Initiative is deepening our understanding of previously unappreciated intersections between the three “I”s, changing how we think about, and treat, disease. The Initiative unifies and enhances University of Utah’s historic strengths in each of the “I” fields including basic, translational, and clinical research efforts. By facilitating strategic interdisciplinary collaborations and supporting pilot projects, the Initiative gives Utah scientists the competitive advantage for making novel, fundamental discoveries and securing prominent national funding. Ultimately, this work will improve diagnosis and treatment for the diverse array of human disorders involving infection, aberrant immune responses, and other triggers of inflammation.


This Initiative provides a strong community for a wide-variety of high-impact research programs and allows investigators and trainees opportunities in basic, translational and clinical research related to:

  • immune system physiology,
  • immune dysregulation,
  • infectious disease, and
  • other types of immune-mediated disease.

You can view this flyer about the 3i's work.


With the financial support of the Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences, the School of Medicine and others, the primary activities of the 3i Initiative are:

  • an annual symposium with both internal and external speakers as well as a judged poster session;
  • a regular seminar series;
  • collaborative pilot grants to encourage research in new and innovative direction; and
  • recruitment of both junior and senior faculty with 3i-related research programs.
  • administrative support for multi-PI grant applications
  • community and philanthropic engagement and outreach




Contact Us

Daniel Leung, MD
Co-Director, 3i Initiative
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Email: daniel.leung@utah.edu

Ryan O'Connell, PhD
Co-Director, 3i Initiative
Professor, Pathology
Email: ryan.oconnell@path.utah.edu 

Nicole Frank, PhD
Associate Director, 3i Initiative
Vice President of Health Sciences Research Unit
Phone: 801-213-0644
Email: nicole.frank@hsc.utah.edu

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