The Microarray and Genomic Analysis Core facility provides access to the Affymetrix and Agilent Technologies microarray platforms and several Illumina Genome Analyzers (GAIIx, HiSeq2000, MiSeq, a HiSeq2500 (fall 2012)), a Caliper LabChip XT DNA sizing system, and Bravo Automated library prep robot. Together these technologies offer investigators a diverse set of tools to measure, gene, exon, or small RNA expression, SNP/CNV and DNA copy number profiling, location analysis of DNA binding proteins, DNA methylation status, and the sequencing of genomic DNA or resequencing of targeted regions of DNA.

The resource is operated as a full service facility that provides experimental handling of all aspects of the Agilent and Affymetrix microarray and of the Illumina sequencing processes. These services include evaluation of nucleic acid sample quality, labeling of samples with modified nucleotides (cy dyes or biotin), microarray hybridization, microarray scanning, feature extraction and annotation of scanned images, Illumina sequencing library preparation, exome and custom capture with Agilent SureSelect or Illumina TruSeq, and sequencing of prepared libraries on an Illumina Genome Analyzers. The Bioinformatics Core Facility provides support for additional analysis of data generated by the facility.

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