Disease Centers

The leadership of Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah (HCI) created disease-oriented research teams (DOTs) to make the most of HCI discoveries that can improve care for cancer patients. The DOTs enhance coordination and collaboration across research disciplines. Huntsman Cancer Foundation provides financial support for DOT research projects, which are awarded each year through a competitive, peer-reviewed process.

The teams take a collaborative approach:

  • Basic scientists study how cells become cancer.
  • Geneticists study how changes in DNA raise cancer risk and how changes are inherited in families.
  • Translational scientists develop clinical tools to better treat patients.
  • Clinicians investigate new drugs and protocols to improve patient care.
  • Epidemiologists explore cancer risk in whole populations of people.
  • Behavioral scientists study communication and quality of life.

HCI has 10 DOTs that specialize in adult and pediatric cancer research in these areas:

Senior Director

Transdisciplinary Research
Michael Deininger
Michael W. Deininger, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Professor and Division Chief
Hematology and Hematologic Malignancies, University of Utah
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