Grant Funding

SARC Sarcoma SPORE: “Project 4: Development of quantitative imaging biomarkers for assessing response to sarcoma therapy.” HCI PI: Jeffrey Yap, SPORE PI: Raphael Pollock, The Ohio State University.

This project seeks to develop new imaging approaches using MRI and PET to non-invasively measure various aspects of tumor biology and pathophysiology in response to conventional and experimental chemotherapies. This will enable a powerful set of tools to evaluate treatment efficacy and ultimately improve the development of new drugs and clinical management of sarcoma patients. This is a subcontract to SARC.

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Center for Quantitative Cancer Imaging Director
John M. Hoffman, MD


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Cornelia Ulrich, MS, PhD

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David Goldgar, PhD

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Lisa Aspinwall, PhD
Saundra Buys, MD
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