fingers on a computer keyboard in front of beakers

DeCIPHER conducts state-of-the-art pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics research that leverages causal inference and biomedical informatics tools.  Specifically, 

  • We have developed natural language processing (NLP) pipelines to extract clinical data from narrative records.

  • Our focus on developing informatics tools allows us to efficiently transform data to fit specific epidemiologic designs and statistical analyses, thereby allowing us to rapidly answer research questions.

  • We are a team with over 100 established partners comprised of epidemiologists, economists, clinicians, informaticians, statisticians, analysts, academic writers, and study coordinators.

  • Our infrastructure allows us to be flexible and highly responsive to deadlines with the goal of building reliable, sustainable, efficient long-term relationships We have extensive experience working with national VA data sources and function at the core of VA data-centralization initiatives.