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The Cardiovascular Research Institute’s lecture and seminar series educates researchers, academics, and scholars on current cardiovascular research. The seminar series has been hosted for over 10 years.

Please explore our seminar series below.

Date Title of Seminar Speaker

Dec 13, 2019

Novel roles for the spectrin-based cytoskeleton in cardiac cell signaling and disease Thomas Hund, PhD


 Nov 8, 2019

Cardiac arrhythmias in hypoglycemia

Simon Fisher, MD


Oct 11, 2019

Targeting exosomes for the understanding and treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Associated Cardiomyopathy

Jenny Strande, MD, PhD
Sep 20, 2019

The role of vascular biomechanics in coronary atherosclerosis progression and treatment in the clinical setting

Luke Timmins, PhD
Aug 21, 2019 The Effects of Postnatal Growth Restriction on Cardio-Metabolic Function Joseph Visker  MS
Mar 22, 2019 Targeting Maladaptive Metabolic Remodeling in and Around the Failing Heart  E. Douglas Lewandowski, PhD
Nov 19, 2018 Defeating Heart Disease with Energy: Mechanism of Cardiac Excitation-Contraction-Bioenergetics Coupling Shey-Shing Sheu, PhD
Nov 15, 2018 Mitochondrial Signaling in Cellular Differentiation and Fibrosis John Elrod, PhD
Oct 30, 2018 ANGPTL2: A Causal Player in Accelerating Heart
Disease Development in Aging
Yuichi Oike, MD, PhD
Oct 15, 2018 Transcriptional Control of Cardiovascular
Brian l. Black, PhD
Oct 11, 2018 Gene Based Therapies for Acquired and Inherited
Arrhythmic Disorders
Fadi G. Akar, PhD

Sep 14, 2018

Identifying Mechanisms Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death Isabelle Deschenes

Aug 10, 2018

Protein Acetylation in Heart Failure: The Epigenome and Beyond Timothy A. Mckinsey, PhD

Aug 9, 2018

Kv7.1 (KCNQ1) – (Patho)physiological Function and Molecular Pharmacology Guiscard Seebohm, Professor

Jan 16, 2018

Arrhythmogenic cardiac thin filament mutations
as a potential cause of sudden cardiac death in
infants: using hiPSC-CMs post-mortem to
determine causality
Glen F. Tibbits, PhD

Jun 12, 2017

Micro RNA and Inflammasome Alternative Mechanisms of Atrial Fibrillation Na Li, PhD
Jul 08, 2016 Cardiac Ca2+-H+ coupling: sarcoplasmic reticulum, cytoplasm and nucleus Richard Vaughan-Jones, Ph.D
Apr 01, 2016 The Integrin Axis in the Cardiac Myocyte: Tales of Talin and Vinculin Dr. Robert S. Ross, M.D.
Dec 08, 2015 Genetics of Atrial Fibrillation Patrick T. Ellinor, M.D., PHD
Jul 27, 2015 Control of cardiac gene expression by chromatin architectural proteins Emma Monte, Ph.D
May 13, 2015 Cardiac response to field pacing challenges the functional syncytium paradigm Arkady M Pertsov, Ph.D.
Apr 14, 2015 Applications in Synthetic Biology: New Approaches for Treating and Understanding Human Disease Tara L. Deans, PhD
Mar 19, 2015 Ins and Outs of Mitochondrial Calcium Regulation Dipayan Chaudhuri
Oct 03, 2014 TGF-β1 transgenic goat model to study fibrosis-associated cardiac pathologies Irina A. Polejaeva
Feb 27, 2014 The Na - K 'Channelosome' Controls the Frequency and Stability of Cardiac Fibrillation José Jalife, M.D.
Dec 06, 2013 Mitochondrial function and stress response-role in human disease Jared Rutter, PhD
Nov 08, 2013 Mechanisms of cellular and subcellular alternans in cardiac myocytes David Christini, PhD
Apr 08, 2013 The Many Faces of Cardiac Fibrillation Alexey V. Zaitsev, PhD
Apr 04, 2013 Epigenetic Modifications and Gene Regulation in Heart Failure Sarah Franklin, Ph.D.
Mar 11, 2013 Modeling of calcium diffusion at molecular and cellular scales: an application to the cardiomyocyte Peter M. Kekenes-Huskey
Nov 12, 2012 Cellular changes in cardiomyocytes during atrial fibrillation: model systems and their usefulness for drug discovery Dr. Bianca Brundel, PhD
Mar 27, 2012 Electrical Imaging of the Substrate of Longlasting Persistent AF in Patients with Structural Heart Disease Dr. Maurits Allessie
Aug 24, 2011 Phosphodiesterase inhibition Matthew Movsesian, MD
Jul 27, 2011 PDM laser nanoscopy suggests aligning of Kir2.1 along the T-tubular network in human cardiomyocytes Max Temmesfeld
Jun 27, 2011 Chromatin Remodeling During Cardiac Hypertrophy and Failure Dr. Sarah Franklin, PhD
May 25, 2011 Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Anesthesiology UCLA Alena Talkachova, PhD
Mar 03, 2011 Sympathetic Modulation of Ventricular Arrhythmias Marmar Vaseghi, MD, MS
Feb 24, 2011 Myocyte-Fibroblast Cross-Talk in the Injured Heart Dr. Heather S. Duffy
May 20, 2010 Initiation mechanisms of reentrant arrhythmias Christian Zemlin, PhD
Jan 29, 2010 Mapping of Cardiac Arrhythmias: Challenges and Opportunities Derek J. Dosdall
Jan 22, 2009 Hemodynamics and vascular oxidative stress Tzung K. Hsiai, MD, PhD
Jan 15, 2009 Cardiac Disease: A Cascade Of Failures From Organelle To Organ Dr. Brian O’Rourke, PhD
Dec 12, 2008 The Electro-Pathological Substrate of Chronic Human Atrial Fibrillation: One Bridge too Far? Maurits Allessie, MD, PhD
Dec 04, 2008 Human pacemaking and conduction system: from reductionism to integration Igor R. Efimov, Ph.D., F.
Sep 18, 2008 Dysfunction in ankyrin-based pathways for ion channel and transporter targeting in human arrhythmias Peter J. Mohler, PhD
Jun 05, 2008 NCX and Arrhythmia - Single Cell and Whole Heart Experimentation Christian Pott, MD
Jun 01, 2008 Multi-Scale Modeling of Cardiac EC Coupling Dr. Raimond Winslow, PhD
Apr 17, 2008 A New Paradigm for the Origin of the Heart Beat Edward G. Lakatta, MD
Mar 06, 2008 Calcium mediated cardiac myocyte hypertrophy, death and regeneration Steve Houser, PhD, FAHA
Feb 08, 2008 Quantitative 3D high resolution mapping of calcium handling proteins involved in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling Christian Soeller
Jan 24, 2008 Connexins as nodes in Gene Regulatory Networks David Spray, PhD
Dec 06, 2007 Modeling Ion Channel Kinetics at the Molecular and Cellular Level Randall Rasmusson, PhD
May 24, 2007 Rare diseases, a path to the common: Long-QT and Sudden Infant Death Syndromes Steven A. N. Goldstein, M
May 18, 2007 Retirement Symposium Bruno Taccardi - Noninvasive Imaging of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia in Humans Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles Health Sciences Education Building, Room 2600
May 18, 2007 Retirement Symposium Bruno Taccardi - The Quest to Measure Cardiac Microimpedances, a Bayesian Perspective Roger C. Barr, PhD
May 18, 2007 Retirement Symposium Bruno Taccardi - Generation of Cardiac Potentials: Going from the Body Surface to a Microscopic Level Madison Stockton Spach, M
May 08, 2007 Retirement Symposium Bruno Taccardi - Welcome Address Kenneth Spitzer, PhD
Feb 22, 2007 Electrical Remodeling in the Failing Heart: Implications for Sudden Cardiac Death Gordon F. Tomaselli, MD
Jan 08, 2007 Cardiac alternans: A common pathway to arrhythmogenesis in the mammalian heart David Rosenbaum, MD
Jan 04, 2007 Oxidative stress and the pathogenesis of arrhythmia Samuel C Dudley, MD, PhD
Nov 04, 2006 Mechanisms of ventricular fibrillation maintenance and defibrillation Dr. Raymond Ideker, MD, P
Jun 15, 2006 Health Effects of Particle Air Pollution: The emerging role of the cardiovascular scientist Wayne Cascio, MD, FAHA, F
Apr 06, 2006 What is fibrillation? Mathematical and experimental studies of cardiac fibrillation Alan Garfinkel, PhD
Mar 14, 2006 Causes and Interpretation of Ischemia Induced ST Changes on the Body Surface 12 lead ECG Leonard S. Gettes, MD
Mar 09, 2006 Evolving Pathways of Inflammation and Thrombosis in Vascular Diseases Guy Zimmerman, MD
Dec 01, 2005 Understanding Repolarization and Remodeling in the Myocardium…One K+ Channel at a Time Jeanne M. Nerbonne, PhD
Oct 12, 2005 Sodium channels in failing heart: mechanisms and implications Dr. Albertas Undrovinas,
Jun 02, 2005 Stem Cells and Myocardial Regeneration Dr. Piero Anversa, MD
Mar 03, 2005 LQT2: Basic Insights Into a Clinical Problem Craig T. January, MD, PhD
Feb 17, 2005 Amplification of Transmural Dispersion of Repolarization as a Mechanism of Sudden Death. Charles Antzelevitch, PhD
Jan 06, 2005 Pleiotropic Effects of Insulin Signaling in the Heart E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD
Nov 04, 2004 Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Cellular Delivery System that Utilizes Gap Junction Mediated Communication: From Cardiac Pacemaker to Gene Silencing Peter Brink, PhD
Oct 07, 2004 Toward a Structure-Based Pharmacology of Cardiac Gap Junctions Mario Delmar, MD, PhD
Sep 22, 2004 Cardiac Optical Mapping: Current Status and Future Challenges Marc Lin, PhD
Sep 09, 2004 Anatomic and functional determinants of cardiac electrical dynamics: A few new experimental techniques and observations. Matthew Kay, P.E., D.Sc.
Aug 04, 2004 Functional Consequences of Heterogeneous Connexin 43 in Normal and Failing Myocardium Steven Poelzing, Ph.D
Jul 15, 2004 Long QT3 Mutation (N1325S) Causes Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia/Fibrillation and Sudden Death in a Transgenic Mouse Model Xiao-Li Tian, Ph.D
Jun 29, 2004 Structure and Function of K2p2 Leak Channels Christina Wilkens, PhD
Jun 24, 2004 Hetero-oligomerization of cardiac gap junction proteins: New biophysical channel properties; new conductive pathways Dr. Alonso P. Moreno, D.S
Jun 10, 2004 Wiring up the heart with a gas Dr. David J. Paterson, Ph
May 06, 2004 Calcium release from the cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum: in and out of control David Eisner, PhD
Apr 29, 2004 The detrimental effects of atrial fibrillation: What is the role of pacing therapy? Mohamed Hamden, MD
Apr 12, 2004 Autonomic Nervous System and Initiation of Arrhythmias: When A Change Matters Vladimir Shusterman, MD,
Apr 05, 2004 Genetics of the Cardiac Conduction System: Structure, Function and Electrical Coupling Gregory E. Morley PhD
Jan 08, 2004 Vascular Matrix and Guidance Dr. Dean Li, MD, PhD
Dec 04, 2003 VEGF Gene Therapy for Myocardial Ischemia Dr. David Bull, MD