The Nora Eccles Harrison Cardiovascular Research & Training Institute (CVRTI) studies cardiac function with a translational focus. Our research provides a highly integrated approach to the study of cardiac electrophysiology, ion transport, structural and functional remodeling of excitation-contraction coupling in heart failure, proteomics and epigenetics of heart failure, metabolomics of myocardial ischemia and cardiac arrest, and mitochondrial function.


CVRTI has established an outstanding legacy of landmark discoveries in cardiovascular science to include such areas as:

  • Mechanisms and structural basis of K+ channel gating, the molecular basis of cardiac ion channelopathies and the molecular pharmacology of K+ channel blockers and agonists. CVRTI PIs involved: Mike Sanguinetti, Marty Tristani-Firouzi
  • Role of sodium-calcium exchange in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling. CVRTI PIs involved: John Bridge
  • Structural and functional properties of cardiac sodium channels and their modulation by antiarrhythmic agents. CVRTI PIs involved: Mike Sheets
  • Clinical electrocardiography, biophysics of cardiac electric fields, three-dimensional mapping of potential and current distributions associated with excitation and recovery, and beat-to-beat measurement of activation-repolarization intervals (robust estimates of tissue action potential duration). Advanced electrocardiographic detection of myocardial ischemia. CVRTI PIs involved: J.A. Abildskov, Mary Jo Burgess, Bruno Taccardi, Bob Lux, Rob MacLeod
  • Advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support, understanding the functional, structural and molecular profile of the failing and recovered heart and utilize biological information derived from studies in humans, small and large animal models to understand, predict and manipulate myocardial recovery (Utah Cardiac Recovery Program). CVRTI PIs involved: Stavros Drakos, Craig Selzman, Frank Sachse, Sarah Franklin, Mark Warren, Derek Dosdall, Junco Warren, Dipayan Chaudhuri, Marty Tristani-Firouzi
  • Ventricular fibrillation, myocardial ischemia and reperfusion. CVRTI PIs involved: Alexey Zaitzev, Mark Warren, Junco Warren.
  • Mitochondrial calcium regulation. CVRTI PIs involved: Dipayan Chaudhuri
  • Mechanism and treatment of atrial fibrillation. CVRTI PIs involved: Ravi Ranjan, Derek Dosdall, Marty Tristani-Firouzi
  • Role of histone methyltransferases in cardiac hypertrophy and failure. CVRTI PIs involved: Sarah Franklin, Junco Warren
  • Computational modeling of cardiac electrophysiology at the subcellular, cellular, tissue and organ levels. CVRTI PIs involved: Frank Sachse, Rob MacLeod
  • Subcellular and cellular remodeling associated with cardiac resynchronization therapy. CVRTI PIs involved: Frank Sachse, John Bridge
  • Control of intracellular pH in cardiac cells and modulation of cardiac excitation-contraction coupling by pH. CVRTI PIs involved: Ken Spitzer
  • Gap junction physiology. CVRTI PIs involved: Alonso Moreno
  • Regulation of vascular homeostasis in health and disease. CVRTI PIs involved: Steve Prescott, Diana Stafforini, Guy Zimmerman, Tom McIntyre, Andy Weyrich



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