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Ideals Committee

In August 2020, the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) convened a new sub-committee: the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism Leadership Strategy (IDEALS) Committee. This committee is open to all program directors, program managers, and trainees.

Its mandate is to formulate U of U Health's philosophy and operationalize the means with which we will address inequity in graduate medical education and in health care provision. To realize this daunting endeavor, we have five workgroups within the IDEALS committee. In short:

  1. Recruitment and retention. Gather and disseminate best practices in recruiting and retaining diverse trainees and faculty. Host and attend recruitment activities. Develop support and mentor groups for URM trainees and faculty.
  2. Data and outcomes. Where we are and how we’re doing.
  3. Communications. Co-ordinate messaging between the different workgroups and outside the institution.
  4. Ombud. Examine our current rules and regulations regarding discrimination. Provide a safe group for complaints and mediation.
  5. Education. Develop and curate educational products for programs, trainees and faculty.