Creating an I-Corps Team

The I-Corps team will consist of three roles:

  1. Principal Investigator (PI)
  2. Entrepreneurial Lead (EL)
  3. I-Corps Mentor

Principal Investigator

The PI will be responsible for overall grant management. There is no specified limit on the number of Principal Investigators (PI). A PI may submit more than one I-Corps proposal during each submission window.

Entrepreneurial Lead

The EL can be comprised of one or more of faculty member, Resident, Post-Doctoral scholar, graduate or other student. Each member on the EL team should have relevant knowledge of the technology and a deep commitment to investigate the commercial landscape surrounding the innovation. The EL team should also be capable and have the will to support the transition of the technology, should the I-Corps project demonstrate the potential for commercial viability. The approach to develop the technology disposition will be a structured hypothesis/validation approach. The EL team will be responsible for proceeding along a content-guided path to develop, over the course of the 12-week grant, a final technology disposition plan. We can often assist in helping you identify an EL team if you do not have one identified.

I-Corps Mentor

The I-Corps Mentor will be an experienced or emerging entrepreneur with proximity to the institution and experience in transitioning technology to commercialization. The I-Corps Mentor will be responsible for guiding the team forward and tracking progress through regular communication with the Cognizant NSF I-Corps site director. The mentor is not paid for going through the program, but could become part of the venture if all parties so desire. We will assign you a suitable Mentor.

2021-2022 NSF I-Corps 
Nov 03, 2021 Kick-off & Program Overview
Nov 17, 2021 Customer discovery
Dec 01, 2021 Business Model Canvas
Jan 19, 2022 IP Fundamentals
Feb 02, 2022 Regulatory strategy 
Feb 16, 2022 Pathways to market
Mar 23, 2022 Capital Acquisition
Apr 06, 2022 Non-dilutive funding
Apr 20, 2022 Team Presentations & Review
Apr 27, 2022 Team Presentations & Review
All workshops will be held in-person at the CMI offices