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Digital Health Fellowships are managed exclusively through the Therapuetic Games & Applications (The GApp) Lab.

The GApp Lab partners with main campus to hire graduate artists, engineers, and producers from Utah's top-ranked Entertainment Arts and Engineering video game development program. Graduate students at The GApp Lab have the unique opportunity to work alongside doctors, nurses, researchers, healthcare system administrators, and industry professional to develop innovative healthcare and educational solutions. 

Students work in multi-disciplinary teams, using games and principles of play to address some of healthcare's most pressing issues. 

A fellowship at The GApp Lab not only finances a student's education, but allows them to leverage informal learning in a health software studio environment that is based on game studio practices and culture. Playful disruption and gameful innovation are the hallmarks of their experience.

Eligible students interested in joining The GApp Lab should contact Greg Bayles or Jesse Ferraro for more information.