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The Faculty Innovation-Research and Entrepreneurship Scholars program is a group of faculty and staff interested in medical device innovation. The 2019-2020 FIRE Scholars Cohort registration will open by September 1, 2019.  All faculty and staff are welcome to sign up.

The Faculty Innovation-Research and Entrepreneurship (FIRE) Scholars are a group of faculty and staff whose interests span a continuum within health care. Interests can range anywhere from design of devices, drugs or software to operational improvements associate with health care delivery. Innovations that arise from these interests are incubated and nurtured in the FIRE scholars’ environment to help them find potential traction in the greater health care market place.

FIRE Scholars benefit from the collaboration and networking that occurs amongst its members. Further, the FIRE scholars find additional resources within the broader umbrella of its parent organization, the Center for Medical Innovation (CMI). CMI has resources such as equipment for prototype development to help FIRE Scholars at any stage of their innovative process. More importantly, CMI also houses many experts such as business professionals, legal support and FDA consultants. Also FIRE Scholars can benefit from collaboration with the many successful entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs in Residence, who volunteer their time with CMI

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