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Games& App Lab

Come explore the future of digital healthcare at the Therapeutic Games & Apps Lab:

  • Experience the operating room of the future in the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset.
  • Learn about type 2 diabetes with Virtual Records, an EMR-integrated, interactive demo for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.
  • Find out more about TetraSports, a suite of adaptive sporting experiences with customizable user controls for patients with spinal cord injury.
  • Explore apps like Avatar IVR and Color Me Healthy, which use avatars to improve patient symptom reporting.
  • Learn about the future of EMR-integrated mobile healthcare in MediGarden, a gamified medication compliance app, andUBabyFit, a pregnancy management app.

Sim Lab

Visit the recently accredited U-CISE lab to find out more about technical skills training for students, residents, physicians, and the community. From innovative low-cost models, to high-tech, virtual reality simulators, witness some of the newest approaches to training the next generation of healthcare providers.

  • Try your hand at laparoscopic surgery skills - Test your hand-eye coordination as you race other participants using actual laparoscopic grasping instruments in quick-fire elimination. Dropping the peg means immediate disqualification.
  • Watch a robotic surgery demo - Have you ever wondered how a surgeon can operate on a patient who is 10 feet away? Stop in for a robotic surgery demonstration with one of our General Surgeons on the Davinci Robotic Surgery training console.
  • Learn about the innovative use of low-cost training tools in medicine and surgery. See the models designed at the University and the supplies used to create them. Work alongside one of our trauma surgeons to put in a chest tube and find out how innovation and team training go hand in hand.

Prototyping & Fabrication Lab

  • Laser Cutting – Watch a laser easily cut through a 1” thick sheet of plastic and pick up a commemorative engraved coaster.
  • 3D Printing - Learn about the fascinating world of 3D printing.
  • Verification Testing - See an elastomeric “dogbone” stretched to 10x its original size and then break in a spectacular manner.
  • Service Raffle – Put your business card in to win one of four $500 prizes in CMI innovation services.

CMI Information Panels

Have an idea for a medical device or improvement but not sure what the next step is? Come talk to our panel of experts.

Demonstration Times:

Games & App Lab Demonstrations:


Prototyping & Fabrication Lab Demonstrations:


On the :00 – Laser Cutting

On the :20 – Verification Testing

Sim Lab Demonstrations:

1:40PM – Laparoscopic Surgery

2:40PM – Put in a Chest Tube

3:40PM – Robotic Surgery

CMI Information Panels: