Safety Guidelines

Students must complete an online training program before gaining access to the Innovation Lab. This course is offered free of charge and is taught using the Canvas platform. To enroll in the Canvas training course, please contact the lab via email

The prototyping lab provides students with general prototyping equipment including drills, hammers, saws, soldering equipment, oscilloscopes, etc.

CMI personnel will operate heavy and specialized equipment such as CNC mill, CNC lathe, CO2/fiber laser, & 3D printers for students when requested.

See the Professional Services page for details, standard rates apply.


Lab Access and Safety

Lab access outside of normal operating hours is available to those that have completed the advanced lab safety course and have demonstrated a need to work after-hours. See lab personnel for details.

The following rules must be followed at all times:

  1. Never work alone: At least two people in the shop when power tools are being used.
  2. Never work when you are impaired: This includes when you are too tired, stressed or hurried to work carefully. No music through headphones and earbuds.
  3. If you cannot do a job safely in this shop, don’t do it: This shop does have limits to its capabilities. Ask questions!
  4. Measure twice (2x), cut once (1x).
  5. Always wear closed-toe shoes in the shop: Shoes help protect your feet from injury (drops, cuts, and heat).
  6. Wear Eye Protection and additional appropriate PPE.
  7. Remove or secure anything that might get caught in moving machinery: Gloves, rings, necklaces, neckties, long hair, loose clothes, etc. can get caught in tools and suck you in.
  8. Ask for help: Do not guess your way through something. This is dangerous and expensive. Don’t be shy and please ask questions!
  9. Clean up: Return all tools to their proper place. As necessary, wipe down your work area and sweep the floor. Leave 10-15 minutes for clean-up. First time violators will be put on probation, second time violators will be banned from the lab (remember that the prototyping lab exists because of generous donors and sometimes they stop by to visit).
  10. Never use broken or damaged tools: Report to lab personnel if something doesn’t seem right or broken.
  11. No borrowing tools: No tools may be removed from the lab.
  12. Lab Storage: If lab participants demonstrate that they are substantially/frequently using the lab some project storage space may be allotted to the project.

For major emergencies call 911 or go to the University Hospital ER.

For minor emergencies during normal business hours go to the hospital’s work wellness clinic, located adjacent to the UCard office in the School of Medicine building (Room AC147, 801.581.2227).


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