Verification Testing

Materials Testing – Testometric M350-5CT

Testometric M350-5CTThe M350-5 range of twin column, computer controlled universal materials testing machine using Testometric’s feature-rich winTest™ Analysis software running under the Windows™ operating system. Test setups are fully configurable and simple or more complex multi-stage test routines are controlled using the standard PC serial interface.


  • Machine Capacity: 5kN
  • Speed Range: 0.001 to 2000mm/min in steps of 0.001mm/min
  • Crosshead Travel: 1100mm
  • Throat: 295mm

Environmental Testing – Thermotron Environmental Chamber

Thermotron Environmental Chamber


  • Internal Dimensions: 24x24x24 inches
  • Temperature Range: -70°C to 180°C
  • Humidity Range: 10% to 98% relative humidity

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