Poster Overview

Creating your Poster for the B2B Competition Night

Posters do not need to be submitted but must be brought to competition night.  In order to print your poster, create a PDF of your poster sized to 3’ x 4’ (36” x 48”). The funds for printing your poster are not taken from your $500 of prototyping funds. Bring your poster design to the Fed Ex below the University of Utah (200 University St E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, 801-583-348). They will print your poster for the competition and charge the price to a Bench to Bedside account (up to $65). Please print a foam-mounted 3’ x 4’ poster that includes the B2B logo. Be aware that printing may take longer the week of the competition. Please allow one week for printing. 

Posters Requirements

  • Must include: B2B logo
  • Size: 3' x 4' (36" x 48")
  • Construct: Foam-Mounted

Posters Guidelines

  • Title
  • Names of team members
  • School/program each team member represents
  • B2B Logo (found above)
  • Explain the problem
  • Explain the solution
  • Define your product or service
    • Drawings/Pictures of your device
    • Product features
    • Proof of concept
    • Cost
    • Feasibility of use & manufacturing
  • Business points
    • Value proposition
    • Evaluate your market size, segmentation & growth
    • Analyze competitive landscape
    • Exit Strategy