Bench to Bedside Milestone Submissions

Identify a Clinical Problem

As part of the Bench to Bedside program, there are milestone submissions to help keep teams on track during the device design process. The first milestone a team reaches is identifying a clinical problem that needs to be solved.


Market Validation

After identifying a clinical problem, teams proceed to validate the market for their problem. Identifying current technology employed in the space, the market size, and the market growth will access the feasibility of a new device entering the market. If the market analysis is promising, teams brainstorm solutions to the problem.


Identify a Solution

After identifying a solution to pursue, teams complete a competitive analysis of patents relating to their solution. If the solution is novel and unique, the team creates the value proposition for the idea.


Value Proposition & Business Model Canvas

The value proposition is the value the innovation will provide consumers that is not already provided with current technology on the market. Using the value proposition, a business model canvas is created that forms the foundation for the business plan for the device. To learn more about creating a business model canvas, view this video:

The next step in the device design process is to prototype the innovation. This is an iterative process that usually requires many failures before a successful device is created. Design specifications outline exactly how the device will look and operate. Throughout this process, intellectual property strategy and regulatory strategy must continually be researched and reassessed as they both play a role in the design of the device and the business plan.  All of the milestone submissions mentioned above have recommended deadlines to keep teams on track but may be turned in at later dates.


Choose a Mentor

To help students navigate the device design process, we provide an opportunity for teams to choose a mentor to help them with their innovation. Additionally, each team is assigned an ambassador, a student with expertise in healthcare innovation, that can answer any questions that arise during the Bench to Bedside milestone submission process.


Pre-Competition Survey

The required steps to complete in order to compete in the Bench to Bedside competition are the pre-competition survey, pitch video, competition packet, and competition poster. It is also highly recommended that teams bring a prototype of their device or healthcare innovation to the final competition to show judges. The pre-competition survey requires teams input their clinical problem and a short description of their solution to be used in marketing for the competition.


Video Pitch

The video pitch and competition packet are completed before the competition and are part of the overall scoring for the competition. The pitch video is a 3-minute oral presentation that illustrates the team’s innovation to the judges. Bench to Bedside will provide teams with a 15-minute block with a videographer to record 3 takes of their pitch. Sign up for a time with the videographer at the pitch video link. Choose one or two team members to present for the video pitch and come prepared with the presentation on a laptop.  It is recommended teams rehearse the pitch prior to starting the session with the videographer. Guidelines of what to include in the video pitch are found here.


Competition Packet

The competition packet is an overview of the clinical problem, market analysis, business plan, design specifications, regulatory strategy and intellectual property analysis for the team’s innovation. The competition packet is weighted heavily in the final judging of teams and forms the basis for the pitch video and poster. An outline of the competition packet with detailed instructions can be found at this link. Also provided is an example of a competition packet from previous winning team:



Posters do not need to be submitted but must be brought to competition night.  The posters will aid in presentation of teams innovations when being evaluated by the competition night judges. More detailed information about the posters can be found here.


2018 B2B Events & Workshops





Business Plan Workshop

Center for Medical Innovation


Pre-competition Workshop #1

Center for Medical Innovation


Pre-competition Workshop #2

Center for Medical Innovation


Competition Night

Utah State Capitol


What now- Starting a company Workshop

Center for Medical Innovation

Workshops from 5:30-7:00pm

Competition Night from 6-9pm