Innovation begins at the Bench to Bedside Workshops

Bench to Bedside hosts several workshops throughout the year to help match your ideas with the very best resources. We’ll provide the resources to help you showcase your best work so you can win funding to launch your company and take the product to market.

Protecting Your Idea: Intellectual Property, Market Research & Prior Art

In the Patent and Market Research Workshop, students learn how to develop skills that can lead to idea generation and initiation of a project. By researching where the markets are now (current technologies, patents, practices, and market sizes) students can guide their projects more effectively. This workshop will introduce database searches, patent searches and using the Internet and local sources to gather information. From this, teams will be able to find gaps in the current medical spectrum that can be addressed with either a lower cost or higher performance device.

Prototyping Workshops

Tim Pickett of the Center for Medical Innovation will be hosting workshops throughout the year in the Gary Crocker Design and Innovation Lab at Eccles Health Sciences Library. One of the most important factors in determining if a project will be successful at the competition is how many iterations a team used in development. Iterating innovations elicits flaws in design, production, and usability that can be smoothed over or corrected. Use Tim to improve your designs and take advantage of the $500 prototyping balance awarded to each team for the year.

Physician Reverse Pitch Event:

Not every team will create their own idea. For those that don’t, we have collected physicians and faculty from the University of Utah that have medical innovation ideas for students to design. This dinner event will place faculty in front of students to pitch their own ideas to the competing teams. Groups may then pair up with faculty to expand on the ideas that have already been researched and considered by experts in their fields. This provides a unique experience wherein the industry asks for a solution to a problem they recognize.

Patent Writing and Regulatory Workshop:

Creating a high quality design means nothing if it can be stolen and resold by a better positioned or funded company. Our partnership with Law Fellows from the SJ Quinney College of Law provides students with the opportunity to protect their hard work so they can benefit from it. At this workshop, students will learn how to protect their innovation with patents and how to file for protection. Additionally, they may be shown other methods of protection, including trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.

Part of the design process in the medical device industry is using the FDA and international regulatory boards for direction. Getting devices approved for use in medicine often requires interaction with the FDA’s Code of Regulations. Getting a device cleared or approved for use takes expertise and may even alter the design of the device. Our resident experts guide students through FDA regulations and items to consider while creating solutions.

Spring Workshops

  1. Business Plan, Exit Strategy & Customer Acquisition
  2. Creating Your Company: Pitfalls and Milestones
  3. Competition Preparation Workshop: What’s a Pitch?


2017 B2B Events & Workshops





Kick Off Event

Child Hall Business Building





Team Building Seminar

Lassonde Garage


Patent Search/Market Research Workshop



Physician Reverse Pitch

HSEB Alumni Hall


Regulatory and Patent Writing Workshop



Meet the Mentors Night

The Leonardo

Workshops from 5:30-7:30pm