Bench to Bedside


Mission and Values

The Bench to Bedside Competition is an exciting and vibrant program introducing students to the fascinating world of medical and global health innovation through an incentive-based team competition. Our competition mission statement is the following:

“ To develop successful innovators who make a global impact on medical quality of life through education, mentorship and a unique development ecosystem that accelerates the innovation process “

We believe in accomplishing these objectives while adhering to the following core values:

Provide a Fulfilling Experience to Participants – Challenging problem statements, ample resources and a safe space to fail and learn

Let Individuals Own the Idea – Teams are primarily responsible for business success and retaining intellectual property rights

Create a Mutually Beneficial X-Functional Network – Healthcare professionals, students, investors and device manufacturers all benefit from participation

Competition Overview

Student teams begin in the fall by forming into multidisciplinary start-up companies as they identify unmet clinical needs. In addition to supporting organic student ideation, Bench to Bedside offers a process to assist matching of qualified students to ideas submitted by local healthcare professionals, to maximize the innovation pipeline. Teams then innovate over a six-month period how to meet these needs using a $500 development fund to build concepts. Through the Bench to Bedside Program, each team has access to over 100 University Physicians from a broad range of specialties as well as engineering and business professionals from the Salt Lake community to serve as consultants, key opinion leaders, and stakeholders. In that six-month time period, students will have evaluated the IP landscape, proposed their product offering and constructed a business plan.

Student Recognition

The program culminates in April with a formal presentation of team projects at the annual Bench to Bedside Competition. The event draws participation from faculty physicians, residents, industry leaders, venture capital firms, and university leadership. Projects are presented by team members, then evaluated and scored by a VIP panel of judges. Top teams are awarded from a pool of over $140,000 in prize money to support further project development. In addition to a grand prize winner, each year we recognize top performing teams in the following categories:

  • Best in Engineering
  • Best in Business
  • Best in Medicine
  • Best in Healthcare IT
  • Young Entrepreneur Award (High School)

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