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The Center’s mission is fulfilled through formal education programs, faculty and student project development, and support and facilitation of device development and commercialization. The Center creates a one-stop-shop environment that assists both the novice and experienced innovator through ideation, concept generation, intellectual property, market analysis, prototyping and testing, business plan development and commercialization.

The Center facilitates the development of high-impact device development through pairing faculty into interdisciplinary teams. Medical device oriented grant opportunities are identified by the Center, then interdisciplinary faculty teams, with expertise in the area of impact, are formed, coordinated and supported by the Center. Our administrative support staff will assist in ideation meetings, grant processing, prototyping resources, funding opportunities, disclosure and confidentiality agreements, intellectual property review and the commercialization process. The Center has a formal relationship with the University Technology Venture Development program to assist in this process. The Center will serve as a liaison to provide expertise in intellectual property and regulatory advice and assist in grant and venture funding opportunities.

To stimulate the initial innovation process the Center offers seed grants on a competitive basis. These grants are only made available to faculty applicants who have formed into multidisciplinary teams composed of faculty members representing at least two of the following fields of study; medicine, engineering, business or law. Applications must identify an unmet clinical need and address the need through innovative medical device development. Grant preference will be given to teams that have a co-principle investigator who has completed the BioVentures certification program.

The Center also identifies high-impact areas for development through grant RFA’s and industry partnerships. Medical device companies with a strong interest in developing market-specific innovations will share desired device development to the Center under a contractual agreement. If the Center believes the idea has merit and University expertise exists, we will identify and partner a team of faculty experts to develop an innovative medical device to meet the need. Faculty entering into this process must understand and agree that the intellectual property rights for the innovation remain with the inventor(s) and the University, but the industry partner has first right at licensing the IP.

The Center for Medical Innovation also holds routine development events where education in specific topics of interest to faculty will be offered. University faculty from all areas of expertise can interact and develop productive relationships.

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