2014 WAF Symposium Agenda

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Friday, February 28th, 2014

7:00am Registration & Breakfast
7:50 Introduction & Welcome – Nassir F. Marrouche, MD

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 1:

Chair: Moussa Mansour, MD; Bradley P. Knight, MD

8:00 Should Patients Taking Warfarin Switch to NOACs, And If Not, Why? – Eric Prystowsky, MD

MRI Detected Fibrosis vs. Electrical Mapping: Chicken and the Egg Question - Pierre Jais, MD

8:40 AF and Cryptogenic Strokes: Lessons from Crystal-AF – Johannes Brachmann, MD
9:00 Galectin-3: A Potential Upstream Target to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation Progression - Jose Jalife, MD
9:20 Comparison of New AHA/ACC Guidelines and the HRS Consensus Statement – Hugh Calkins, MD
9:40 BREAK

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 2:

Chair: Larry Chinitz, MD; Ravi Ranjan, MD

10:20 Rotors Ablation: Long Term Outcome Results – Sanjiv Narayan, MD, PhD
10:40 Atrial Fibrosis and Risk of Stroke - Nazem Akoum, MD
11:00 How Can Social Media Improve AF Patient and Provider Interaction? - John Mandrola, MD
11:20 Do We Really Need to Monitor the Esophagus During Ablation of AF? - Moussa Mansour, MD
11:40 How Far is CABAANA? - Douglas Packer, MD
12:00pm LUNCH

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 3:

Chair: Roger Freedman, MD; Hugh Calkins, MD

1:00 Balloon AF Ablation: Lesion Description and Impact of Fibrosis - Christian Mahnkopf, MD
1:20 Role of Antiarrhythmic Post Ablation - Bradley P. Knight, MD

Fiber Optic Balloon: Experience and Long Term Outcome Data - Edward Gerstenfeld, MD

2:00 Antiarrhythmics for AF: Update - John P. DiMarco, MD, PhD
2:20 The AF Ventricle in MRI - Chris McGann, MD
2:40 BREAK

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 4:

Chair: Dennis Parker, PhD; Elliot McVeigh, MD, PhD


Dementia and AF: Chicken and the Egg Question – John Day, MD

3:20 Real-Time MRI Guided Intervention: The Challenges - Henry Halperin, MD
3:40 The Shape of Things to Come in AF Imaging - Rob MacLeod, PhD
4:00 Arrhythmia Recurrence Post AF: Candidates For Repeat Procedure – Larry Chinitz, MD
4:20 Challenges with Detection of Atrial Fibrosis Using MRI: Multicenter Experience - Eugene Kholmovski, PhD
4:40 The AF Ablation Lesion Detected Using MRI - Ravi Ranjan, MD

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

7:30am Registration & Continental Breakfast

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 5:

Chair: Eduardo Saad, MD; Johannes Brachmann, MD

8:00 Stroke Prevention in AF: An Update on Anticoagulant Therapy - Elaine Hylek, MD
8:20 Contact Force Sensing: Critical Force for Durable AF Lesions? - David Wilber, MD
8:40 Thoracoscopic Hybrid Treatment of Persistent AF - Claudio Muneretto, MD
9:00 MRI for AF: Lessons from DECAAF - Nassir F. Marrouche, MD
9:20 Cardiac Electrophysiological Effects of Renal Nerve Stimulation and Renal Denervation in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation - Arif Elvan, MD
9:40 BREAK

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 6:

Chair: Johannes Brachmann, MD; Chris McGann, MD

10:20 Surgical Insights Into Ablation Lesions - Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD
10:40 Phrenic Nerve Injury and Localization Techniques to Prevent Harm - Francis E. Marchlinski, MD
11:00 Does AF Ablation Lower Stroke Risk? - Eduardo Saad, MD, PhD
11:20 Appendage Closure Devices: Indication and Outcome - Vivek Reddy, MD
11:40 Hybrid Ablation of AF: Role of Posterior Wall Debulking - Suneet Mittal, MD
12:00pm LUNCH

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 7:

Chair: Johannes Brachmann, MD; Brent Wilson, MD, PhD

1:00 Impact of More Than a Decade Later - Mellanie True Hills
1:20 Surgical Energy Sources to Improve Lesion Formation - Ralph J. Damiano Jr., MD
1:40 How Far is the Virtual EP Lab? - Natalia Trayanova, PhD
2:00 Fibrotic Atrial Changes: Impact on AF Management - Hans Kottkamp, MD
2:20 Weight Loss and AF Burden - Prash Sanders, MD
2:40 BREAK

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 8:

Chair: Hans Kottkamp, MD

3:00 Anticoagulation Peri-AF Ablation: Scenarios from the Practice (roundtable discussion) - Alexies Ramirez, MD; Kamran Rizvi, MD; Nathan Segerson, MD; Gaston Vergara, MD; Oussama Wazni, MD; Ahmad Abdul Karim, MD

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 9:

Chair: Brent Wilson, MD, PhD; Fred Han, MD

4:00 Arrhythmia Recurrence Post AF: Candidates for Repeat Procedure - Gregory Michaud, MD
4:20 NOACs for AF: Preventing Embolic Strokes or Lowering Hemorrhagic Bleed? - Oussama Wazni, MD
4:40 Autonomic Nervous System in AF: An Update - Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD
5:00 Genetic Screening for Treatment Responders - Patrick T. Ellinor, MD, PhD
5:20 Microemboli During Ablation: Relevance and Impact - David Haines, MD