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May 2011

Most Recent Entries

Slowly Slowly Memsa'ab

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: May 23, 2011

Tried out my new backpack during the training hike last weekend, which reminded me of the luxuries of trekking. Not much weight to carry, a cozy sleeping spot all set up for you at the end of the day, no cooking required, and the food and drink is generally delicious. As opposed to backpacking, where you set up and deconstruct camp every day, carry all of your gear, and eat that which weighs the least and cooks the fastest.

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Yowza Yowza! 1.5 Years AFib-Free!

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: May 13, 2011

May 13 marks the 1.5-year anniversary of my ablation and becoming AFib-free. Maybe I'll climb "my little mountain" across the street to celebrate. So many thanks to Dr. Marrouche and the CARMA Center team who gave me my youth back.

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If It's Not Up, It's Not Worth Seeing

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: May 05, 2011

We just got a big pile of maps in the mail covering the various parts of Monaco, France and Italy we will be trekking through this summer. Which reminded me how the trip itself is only a third of the fun of these adventures - the planning and anticipation are the first third of the fun, while looking at pictures and telling stories for years to come are the final third.

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