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June 2013

Most Recent Entries

Two Gentle Days of Verona, June 24-25, 2013

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: Jun 27, 2013

Verona, another UNESCO site, is a most beautiful city. A friend had told me that it was more manageable than big Italian cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, because there were fewer hordes of tourists, and the incredible history and sites to be seen are spaced throughout the city so that you can take a breath in between them. Good advice.

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Cinque Terre: Five Lands in Two Days, June 22-23, 2013

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: Jun 26, 2013

After a long day Friday driving on snaky roads from the chateau into the Ligurian area of Italy (with Bob doing all the driving), Lady TomTom (the GPS) delivered us right at the doorstep of the hotel that will be our base for exploring Cinque Terre (five lands).

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I Think I Died and Went to Heaven, June 20, 2013

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: Jun 21, 2013

It rained overnight and looks overcast with black clouds over the mountains this morning. We were thinking of hiking up Mont Guillaume, but that's not sounding so safe.

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Bonne Anniversaire! June 19, 2013

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: Jun 20, 2013

Bob picked the most perfect place to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! The Chateau de Picomtal is in the Hautes-Alpes, close to where we stopped hiking in 2011. So you know the views are incredible.

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Via Alpina 2011 Completed, June 18, 2013

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: Jun 20, 2013

Our first day of vacation. Landed in Amsterdam, mmmm European coffee in the airport, quick flight to Lyon, rented a car, drove to Grenoble using GPS (our traveling companion, "Lady TomTom"), and managed to stay awake until European nighttime by riding the cable car up to Grenoble's version of La Bastille and wandering along the ramparts.

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Summer 2013 Adventure Starts NOW

Written by: Michele Straube | Date Posted: Jun 19, 2013

June 16, 2013: We leave today for 3+ weeks exploring France and Italy. The agenda is a little different than we had originally planned, but still most wonderful and still only possible because of the ablation in November 2009 and Dr. Marrouche.

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